‘Moon Knight’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Friendly Type”

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Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

In the third episode of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector makes his way to Cairo, Egypt in search of Ammit’s tomb, hoping to beat Arthur Harrow and his followers. Layla finds him there as well, but their plans to find a path to the tomb go slightly sideways …

Need a passport? No problem.

Layla chats with a woman as they put together a fake passport so she can follow Marc to Egypt. She’s anxious, because she hasn’t been home in 10 years. The woman wonders out loud if Layla has burned too many bridges with the relics and antiques that she’s stolen, but Layla corrects her. They’ve already been stolen, she just takes them off of the black market and returns them to their rightful owners. They begin to talk about Layla’s father, who was an archeologist.

Marc and Steven do Egypt

Arthur and his followers make their way through the desert until the scarab finally indicates that they’ve found the site of Ammit’s tomb in Cairo. Meanwhile, we find Marc racing across a rooftop, where he ends up in a fight with three men as he tries to find information on Arthur’s location. Steven begs him not to kill the man in front of him through the reflection in the knife he’s holding, and suddenly Marc wakes up in the back of a taxi. He sees the men that he was just fighting, and they take off running. The men manage to knock Marc out, and when he comes to he’s somewhere else, and the bodies of the men are laying on the ground around him.

A meeting of the gods

He’s unsuccessful in pulling Arthur’s location out of the men, so Marc asks Khonshu if the other gods can intervene. Unfortunately, even the act of requesting an audience with them will make Khonshu the target of their wrath … but they have no other choice. He turns the sky to night in order to request a meeting of the Ennead, in which the gods’ avatars will meet. Last time Khonshu spoke with the gods, he was banished, so their case against Arthur must be airtight. Khonshu speaks through Marc as he tells the gods that he calls for judgment against Arthur for his plans to release Ammit. They summon Arthur to the room, and the other man manages to manipulate the gods into believing him instead. As Marc goes to leave, defeated, one of the other avatars tells him that he can find the location of Ammit’s tomb through Senfu’s sarcophagus.

Anton Mogart and the sarcophagus of Senfu

Layla finally finds Marc, and she knows exactly where they need to go in order to find a sarcophagus that was sold on the black market — a man named Anton Mogart. When they arrive at Mogart’s lavish home, one of his guards tells Layla, “After Madripoor, I’m sure you two will have a lot to talk about.” They begin to inspect the sarcophagus and realize that for once, Steven would be better suited for this particular mission. Through the reflection in the windows, Steven walks Marc through using items inside of the sarcophagus to piece together a map. Unfortunately, Marc and Layla end up held at gunpoint by the guards, and then Arthur arrives. Arthur begins talking as he approaches, making reference to the murder of Layla’s father and the fact that Marc has been lying to her. Marc shifts into the Moon Knight suit and begins fighting off the guards, though eventually, Steven takes over as Mr. Knight when he sees how violent Marc is being. That doesn’t last long, though, as he’s quickly begging for Marc to take the body back once they start getting speared from all angles.

Turning back the night sky

Marc and Layla manage to escape, and they drive out into the desert. They struggle to make sense of the scraps that Layla retrieved from the sarcophagus until Marc begrudgingly lets Steven out. Steven quickly manages to figure out the puzzle and holds up the map, which is actually a constellation. They should seemingly be able to triangulate the stars into coordinates, but the issue is that Senfu marked the tomb 2,000 years ago … and stars drift over time.

They call upon Khonshu to turn back the night sky, though it will come at a great cost. The gods will imprison him for his actions. Steven shifts to Mr. Knight in order to help Khonshu, and the sky begins to spin madly through time. Their plan works, and they obtain the coordinates, but Khonshu immediately pays the price. The gods swiftly imprison him in stone, and Selim tells Arthur that he was right about Khonshu.

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