‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Keep Your Friends Close”


This week on Naomi, Annabelle, Naomi, and Jacob put their heads together to find the alien hiding in plain sight. Meanwhile, Dee and Zumbado set out to learn what Commander Steel is up to. Read on to find out what happens in “Keep Your Friends Close.”

The Unexpected Suspects

The episode opens as Naomi watches someone at the school get wheeled away on a gurney. Then, she gets questioned by someone, saying there are no aliens in Port Oswego, though she can’t know for sure. Throughout the episode, other characters also face similar questioning about the events that happened, though they mostly skew the truth.

Back at the party, Naomi, Jacob, and Annabelle wonder who the alien could be when Jen finds them for the toast. Naomi gives it and looks around wondering who the alien could be. After, she and the other two figure out how to narrow it down. They eventually decide to use people’s social media handles to track who was on Naomi’s street. Jacob narrows it to three suspects: Anthony, Nathan, and Lourdes. Naomi knows it can’t be Anthony, as he reacted to dilustel. They need a way to interrogate everyone, so Naomi mentions using her super hearing to listen to whose heart speeds up. And they’ll use a party game as cover.

Two More Guests

Danny Delgado/The CW

Steel finds Dee and questions him about living in Port Oswego. Later, Zumbado meets with Dee who shares what Steel said. Zumbado adds that Naomi called and said someone stole the disc. The two head to the party. When they arrive, Dee tells Naomi he has concerns about the military and needs to talk to her parents. Dee and Zumbado find Greg and Jen and tell them about Steel. Greg admits he didn’t know Steel was still looking into the Superman incident and that he suspects Greg is an alien sympathizer. Jen reveals that Steel found Naomi’s birth rock and they fabricated the analysis, but maybe they weren’t careful enough. They tell Dee and Zumbado about a contingency plan. So, Jen and Zumbado go to the base to access Steel’s files, where they see he suspects Naomi is an alien.

An Awkward Party Game

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The kids get a game of Never Have I Ever going, building to the questions they need. Anthony claims he was pet sitting, and Lourdes refuses to give reasoning. However, Naomi hears Nathan’s heart speed up and he says he was meeting with a teammate. A bit later, Naomi tells him weird things are happening, and she tries to assure Nathan that he can trust her. He gets annoyed, mentioning how Naomi keeps secrets too.

Back inside, Annabelle finds Naomi, because Jacob has a breakthrough: he knows how to find the alien. Thanks to Dr. Bell’s research, he figured that they can take film photos of everyone and develop it with a special solution that will turn an alien’s eyes blue. Naomi says she can ask Lourdes to bring her to the school’s darkroom to get what they need.

Party Crasher

Danny Delgado/The CW

Steel shows up at the party and finds Greg. He uses the anniversary to lead into how Greg and Jen found Naomi, asking questions about the adoption. Then he brings up aliens, saying he wants to eliminate them. After mentioning S.T.A.R. Labs, Greg tells Steel that he respects him and gives a veiled threat before Steel leaves. He barges past Jacob and Annabelle who realizes people are leaving and they need to keep everyone there. So, they go find Dee and tell him about a murder mystery game they plan to use to stall until Naomi returns.

Full Circle

Tom Griscom/The CW

Lourdes and Naomi search for the solution Anthony needs. Lourdes wants to know what was stolen, so Naomi tells her it was the disc. They find what they need and leave. In the hallway, they hear a noise and it’s Nathan. Lourdes leaves and Naomi follows Nathan. She finds him trying to get into her locker, thinking it’s where he put the disc. But really, he set up a small promposal. Naomi tries to apologize, but Nathan won’t hear it. When he’s gone, Steel arrives. He brings up Naomi’s adoption and how aliens are a threat. He pulls out a device that can expose aliens, but before he can use it, he collapses out of nowhere. As he’s wheeled away a bit later, Greg and Jen are with Naomi.

The Alien Exposed

Near the end of Greg’s interrogation, he reads a file about Steel and his obsession with aliens, including his investigation into the McDuffies. Thanks to the contingency plan, there’s no evidence supporting why. Back home, Annabelle and Jacob are cleaning up. Naomi thanks them for everything before Jacob hands her the final roll of film. As she develops it, we see what happened at the school. Jen and Greg arrived, using dilustel to knock out Steel. Dilustel that they didn’t react to. The film finishes developing, and Naomi sees her parents are the mystery aliens.

Naomi returns on Tuesday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. Catch up now on The CW app and cwtv.com. Keep up with our weekly recaps and other coverage here.

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