‘DC’s Stargirl’: Tim Gabriel Joins Season 3 As Obsidian


Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed that Tim Gabriel is joining the cast of DC’s Stargirl! He will be playing Todd Rice (a.k.a. Obsidian), Jennie’s (a.k.a. Jade) twin brother whose appearance was heavily hinted at throughout season 2. Like his comics counterpart, Todd will be LGBTQ and act as a tragic potential antagonist. Having tried to find his sister, he ended up in the clutches of The Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation and Mr. Bones (who appeared in the season 2 finale).

DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies will premiere this summer on The CW, with Joel McHale upgraded to series regular and most of the core cast set to return. You can find the rest of our coverage here.

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