Saturday, February 4, 2023

CD Projekt Red Announces New ‘Witcher’ Game

GAMESCD Projekt Red Announces New 'Witcher' Game

CD Projekt Red has insisted for years following the release of Witcher III: Wild Hunt that there would be more Witcher games in the future, and now finally after seven years of waiting they are following through on their promise.

Using social media, the announcement features only a teaser image for the game along with a link, which quickly went down thanks to fans of the franchise flooding the website. Clearly, the excitement is there from the fans.

The link reveals that there is in fact a new game in development and that CD Projekt Red is partnering with Epic Games to move this new game from REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, tailoring it for open-world games. The link does elaborate on the partnership to immediately dispel any potential fears: this new Witcher game will not be exclusive to one storefront, specifically the Epic Games Store.

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Beyond the partnership with Epic Games and the fact that a new game is coming, there really isn’t much revealed from this announcement. The Witcher medallion featured in the image does appear to be for the School of the Cat, which would indeed be a new direction to take the franchise.

There is currently no development timeframe or release date for this new game.

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