‘The Passenger’: Kyle Gallner To Go On Killing-Spree for Blumhouse and Epix’s Upcoming Thriller


After his most recent run-in with Ghostface in the fifth installment to the Scream franchise, Kyle Gallner has been cast alongside Johnny Berchtold for the upcoming thriller from Blumhouse and Epix: The Passenger.

The Passenger follows Randolph Bradley (Berchtold) who is perfectly content fading into the background, but when his coworker Benson (Gallner) snaps and goes on a violent killing spree, he’s forced to face his fears and confront his troubled past in order to find a way to survive.

The film is directed by Carter Smith (The Ruins) from a screenplay by Jack Stanley. The Passenger is executive produced by Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, and Lauren Downey. This is just one of eight films Blumhouse is producing for the Epix premium cable outlet.

Gallner is a horror/thriller genre regular with quite a few impressive movie and television appearances under his belt: The Haunting in Connecticut, Jennifer’s Body, the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Walking Dead, and Wes Craven’s thriller Red Eye, to name a few. Berchtold can be seen next in the Starz series Gaslit opposite Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, Netflix’s Dog Gone opposite Rob Lowe, and was previously seen in Prime Video’s The Wilds.

This news was first reported by Deadline.

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