Zachary Levi Shares His Mental Health Journey in Upcoming Memoir ‘Radical Love’

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Zachary Levi has seen his fair share of battles onscreen, having played spies, superheroes, and even a Disney prince, but he’s had battles in real life too. According to People Magazine, Levi’s upcoming memoir Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others walks readers through his battle(s) with mental health — a topic his has been championing for quite some time.

The book, set to release June 28, takes readers through an emotional journey as Levi explores how his experiences with crippling anxiety and depression lead to finding joy, gratitude, and purpose. With raw and open honesty, Radical Love recounts behind the scenes moments from Levi’s life, including family stories, career successes and the moments that lead him to rock bottom.

The book is not all doom and gloom however. Levi has made it clear, that this book is meant to help others fighting the same battles he has already fought to feel seen, heard, and loved. In a statement about the book, Levi made his stance clear,

I’m not an expert, therapist, pastor, teacher, or monk. I am merely a person going through my own mental and emotional health journey, hoping that I can pass on some of the wisdom and tools that I’d been blessed enough to learn along the way. And I truly believe that if we can help heal the hearts and minds of everyone on earth, we will solve every other problem known to man in the process.”

Radical Love will hit bookstores on June 28. However, the book and the audiobook, narrated by Levi, are available for pre-order now.

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