‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “Tried and True”

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superman & lois tried and true
Shane Harvey/The CW

In this episode of Superman & Lois, Lucy and Lois smooth things over, Superman gets in trouble, and Lana confronts Kyle. Keep reading for everything that happens in episode six of season 2, “Tried and True.”

Bizarro’s Nature

The episode opens with Bizarro recounting his descent to Earth. In that period, photos of the Kent family are seen ripped or scratched up apart from Jordan and Clark. He also gets into a scuffle with Lana, who appears to be in the Superwoman suit.

Jonathan’s Start

superman & lois tried and true
Shane Harvey/The CW

Jordan insists they tell their grandpa about Jonathan’s new powers to train together. However, Jon just wants a little more time. He gets a call from their football coach who tells him Jon will start the game later that evening. At school, Jordan worries about Jon’s powers reacting. Jon tells him he’s “got it” and to let him handle it himself. Jordan backs off. Eventually, Jordan puts two and two together and realizes he got ahold of one of the inhalers.

Lane Family Meeting

Shane Harvey/The CW

Sam visits the Kent farm with Lucy. Immediately, the two women begin arguing with one another. Sam interjects, he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life seeing them argue. He suggests they at least try to make it right. She proceeds to spend all day at the Kent residence catching up with the boys and Lois.

Kyle’s Confession

Shane Harvey/The CW

Kyle and Lana are both a wreck. He shows up at home to talk to her about everything. She asks him how long he was cheating on her for, he says 6 months. When asked if she’s ever been in their house, he tells her one time. Kyle goes on a spiel about how much he loves Lana and how he knew it even back then. She says she can’t do this right now and has him leave.

Lana calls Clark to have him meet her at the diner. She asks if he would stay with Lois if she cheated on him. He says it would depend on what actually happened. She then questions if he would still love her, he notes that if he’d be staying with her, he’d have to. Lana tries to get him to leave to go coach the football game but he says he’s there as long as she needs him.

Superman’s Threat

In a similar fashion as the beginning of the episode, now Superman is getting into a battle with Anderson’s men. He takes them down and Anderson shoots him. Until he reveals the location of Bizarro, he will be under the watchful eye of the United States government as he’s arrested for treason.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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