‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Shadow Ridge”

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On this week’s Naomi, she and the crew head on a camping trip where things get a little spooky. Meanwhile, Zumbado and Dee join forces, and Jen and Greg try to protect Naomi from afar. Read on to find out what happens in “Shadow Ridge.”

Scary Stories to Tell at Camp

The episode starts with a flashback to Nathan and Naomi’s very first date. In the present day, she has a meditation lesson with Dee, where she remembers her encounters with Zumbado, the bounty hunter, and finding her rock. When she comes out of it, she tells Dee about her nightmares, and he offers reassurance.

At school, the kids get ready for a trip to Camp Shadow Ridge, where the camp director gives them the lowdown. During the campfire that night, another counselor tells a story about someone called Moonshine Jimmy. While she does, Naomi manages to get a note to Nathan that says to meet her later. They meet, and Nathan wants to talk about their relationship. However, they’re interrupted by a disoriented Anthony who mentions Moonshine Jimmy.

The Mystery of Belinda

naomi season 1 episode 5
Danny Delgado/The CW

Naomi talks with Anthony at the nurse’s cabin, and he tells her that he heard something and then saw a blue glow. Naomi relays the information to Annabelle, adding that Anthony said something like this happened before. During a teambuilding activity, Naomi, Anthony, Annabelle, and Nathan gather intel. They learn about someone named Belinda who disappeared and never returned. So, they scope out her cabin where they find cookies, a dead camcorder, and a similar blue glow. Naomi senses someone coming, but it’s only the camp director.

The next day, the group is on cafeteria cleaning duty. Naomi wants to get everything done and get back to Belinda, which annoys Nathan. Annabelle attempts to diffuse the tension by saying she thinks she knows where to find the charger for the camcorder. She and Nathan head to the science cabin. They ask another counselor, Susan, about her knowledge of bears, managing to distract her enough to grab the charger. Annabelle also learns that Nathan is frustrated that Naomi won’t share stuff with him. Annabelle comforts him by reminding that she chose him. Meanwhile, Anthony and Naomi go through information about Belinda, and Naomi tells Anthony about Nathan.

Finding Proof

naomi season 1 episode 5
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The kids watch the footage on the camcorder. On it, Belinda shows a blue glow, saying it’s a chemical ruining the ecosystem. She talks to someone off camera before it cuts to static. Anthony wants to pursue it further, but the rest disagree. That night, Naomi wonders aloud to Annabelle if she made the right decision, then sharing how scared the bounty hunter made her. Annabelle leads it into Nathan, telling Naomi that she doesn’t have to tell him about her powers, but maybe she can tell him about other things.

Unable to sleep, Naomi heads out to investigate and runs into Anthony. They go into the kitchen where Naomi finds a stairway that leads into a small cellar. In it are cases of something called Dilustel. Naomi opens a case, and it’s the glowing blue rocks – along with writing that matches the disc. Anthony begins to feel dizzy, so the two leave. However, another counselor, Jeff, shows up. Only Jeff isn’t human. Naomi manages to knock him out with her powers before escaping. The next day, Anthony doesn’t remember much. Then, it’s time to head back home.

Nathan meets with Naomi again. Naomi tells him why she broke up with him in the first place. She liked the fun but was afraid when it got too real. This time she wants to really try, even though she’s still afraid.

Alien Team Up

naomi season 1 episode 5
Danny Delgado/The CW

Dee goes to confront Zumbado about the bounty hunter, with Zumbado tossing a deal Dee broke back at him. Dee says the hunter is still on Earth and that Zumbado is going to help find him. The goal is to learn who sent the bounty hunter. Dee claims it’s for Naomi’s sake, but Zumbado thinks Dee has more selfish reasons. Regardless, he tells Dee that bounty hunters carry a device and that’s what they need. So, they go find him. Dee says if the hunter gives up the list, Dee will let him heal. He doesn’t agree. Eventually, Zumbado manages to get the list anyway. Later, Zumbado goes to see Dee at his shop. Dee says Adam Blake took the hunter to the Phantom Zone. Zumbado knows who sent the hunter but states it’s of no concern currently. Before leaving, he gives Dee the list and tells him Qyeala is on it.

Semi-Breaking and Entering

Commander Steel talks with Greg and Jen, hoping to get Jen’s expertise about the rock. Later, Jen thinks they should leave town, but Greg disagrees. They’ll look guilty and he won’t be able to protect Naomi. Instead, the two sneak into the base’s lab to get the rock samples. But someone is already in there. So, Jen asks about the rock to give Greg a chance to swap the real samples out with fakes. When they meet with Steel again, Jen gives false findings that match the results from the sample. However, the two aren’t in the clear, as later, Steel watches footage of them going into the lab.

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