‘Astrid & Lilly Save The World’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Amygdala”


Monster hunters Astrid (Jana Morrison) and Lilly (Samantha Aucoin) work to figure out just who Brutus (Olivier Renaud) is. They are working with him and listening to what he tells them about the portal but still have no idea who he is. Not to mention, Brutus keeps sneaking up on them, testing them to keep them ready for attacks and fighting the remaining monsters.

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One bit of good news the girls did get was that their powers would be getting stronger. So for Lilly, that means her leg will be more powerful, yes, just the one leg, and Astrid’s other senses will grow to find monsters as well. But it is not all superhero power fun. Since they are tied to the portal they opened, the powers will also be unstable and unpredictable.

Facing Fears

Walking down the school hallway and talking that they hope to have the day off from monsters, don’t jinx it! They hear a scream and what looks like the end of a snake going into a bathroom. I’m sure that is entirely non-monster related. Later, they see a bloody handprint on the wall and of course, let’s go into the darkroom to investigate. In the room, Astrid and Lilly find a substitute teacher dead.

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Brutus tells them that the work of the Amygdala kills you with your deepest fear. The way to defeat it is to show the Amygdala what it fears. It later gets explained that if the monster did not affect you, it is because you have already lived through your greatest fear. Astrid was not affected and played with her necklace during the explanation. Group hug, please.

Other people in the school are attacked by the monster as well. Michelle (Megan Hutchings) sees a Clown in the bathroom that tells her how old she looks, Valerie (Christina Orjalo) gets booed on stage when she is practicing her monologue, and then sweet Lilly. Lilly experiences a very relatable fear. Being in gym class and it is dodgeball day, everyone is throwing them at her.

Youth Group Nightmare

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The local Gateway to God youth group, led by Christine (Geri Hall), needs to get their recruitment numbers up and go to Lilly’s house to “kidnap” Astrid (with her mother’s permission). To add to the utterly normal church group, they put a pillow over her head and took her to the church. When the pillowcase comes off, she sees that she is not alone. Sparrow (Spencer Macpherson) is “captive” there as well. Let’s see, they have taken her from her friend’s house, put a pillowcase over her head, what’s next? Oh, yeah. Time to take your phones away while they wait to be taken to another room with the group away from each other.

Astrid gets tired of sitting there and breaks out of the locked room and goes to get her phone. That is when she hears a yell from Sparrow. The youth group members are yelling at him like they are trying to break him or something. She rescues him, and they leave the church.

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Time for some teenage angst. Astrid tells the youth group members at school that she has a boyfriend. Cue Brutus walking down the hall towards her and puts an arm over her shoulder. They are not the only ones who heard the interaction as Sparrow looks disappointed and walks away in the other direction.

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