‘Astrid & Lilly Save The World’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Teeth”


After getting the tongue from last week’s monster, Astrid (Jana Morrison) and Lilly (Samantha Aucoin) can cross off one of the ingredients on their list. They are that much closer to closing the portal and saving the world. It is time to see what monster they will be up against this week.

The best friends head to school feeling like things are finally looking up. Except until they look up. Falling from the sky is some black goo landing on Principal Varshidi (Marvin Ishmael) and Michelle Knight (Megan Hutchings) getting them called to the office and being blamed. Their punishment, setting up and taking down the extracurricular fair.

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While at school, Astrid’s sense of smell goes off, and Lilly’s leg begins to pain as they hear a scream. Of course, there is a monster nearby at the high school. All they find is a pile of goo that used to be a student.

At the warehouse, Brutus (Olivier Renaud) tells them about the Razor monster and gives them a weapon that can defeat it … an oboe. The catch is it will only work when it is not in its human disguise. Oh, great, that means it can be anyone.  

The pair figure out that most of the missing are from the lift group. While at the game, Lilly uses her camera to find the monster. Once her camera lands on Sally (Sheila McCarthy), the sales lady from the extracurricular fair, there is a silver shine from her mouth. I think they found their monster.

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Razor/Sally tries to appeal to them and get the monster hunters on its side by making valid points about not knowing much about Brutus. While they talk, the monster tries to escape; wrong move. They defeat Razor/Sally and put the teeth in the golden orb using the oboe, successfully getting ingredient number two.


Even if other people, including their parents, do not understand that they balance each other. Lilly and Astrid are there for each other and support one another. Fans get to see Lilly find the confidence to wear shorts to school and feel comfortable in them finally, and Astrid goes up to Sparrow (Spencer Macpherson) and asks him out, and he says yes!

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After using his telescope to look at the sky and seeing the purple matter in the sky, Eggs (Michael McCreary) mentions that to the girls knowing that they are somehow connected to it and up to something involving it.

Meanwhile, the so-called angel of mercy is draining Jonas (Michael Worthman) and creating something. Whatever it is, it has something to do with the portal.

You can watch monster hunters Astrid & Lilly Save the World on SYFY at 10 p.m. ET every Wednesday. Check out our other Astrid & Lilly Save the World coverage here.

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