‘Resident Alien’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Wire”

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Harry (Alan Tudyk) amplifies his efforts to find a way to protect Asta (Sara Tomko) from being killed with the other humans when his people come to complete the mission. According to the octopus (Nathan Fillion), that could be in a matter of weeks – wow, this is a weird sentence.

Meanwhile, Max (Judah Prehn) is undergoing puberty at an accelerated rate, also at an early age, thanks to one of the silver alien balls. D’Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) debuts a new hair color while taking Asta away from work to have a relaxing and friend bonding day on the water. Oh, and Patience now has a murder tour!

Suspect Number Harry


The Sheriff (Corey Reynolds) and Deputy (Elizabeth Bowen) keep a close eye on Harry as they suspect that he killed Sam Hodges and framed Sam’s wife, Abigail. To make more friends in town, at the suggestion of Asta, Harry joins in a poker game with some of the residents of Patience. At the poker game, Sheriff Mike is wearing a wire with Deputy Liv in the vehicle making notes. It is revealed by Nurse Ellen (Diana Bang) that Harry once had his cabin up for sale but backed out suddenly.

Later, the law enforcement duo goes to the cabin and asks Asta, who answered the door, where Harry is and not to protect him. Seeing a loose floorboard, they lift it. There is a red cooler with the toxin used to kill Sam. Asta finally tells them that Harry is in the basement. But that is not who they find when they get there.

Operation Save Asta


Harry experiences a nightmare where all the humans are either dead or mutated, enter mutated D’Arcy telling him that Asta is dead because of him. Harry starts to dig a hole in his cellar. With a decent-sized hole dug, he drops one of the silver balls in and down a ladder to a fully built and secure bunker. Talking with the octopus (who I think needs a name), he says he plans to keep Asta here so that she won’t die when his people come.

Asta visits Dan (Gary Farmer), who is working on a boat, and he shares his wisdom, including the comment that she is the reason that everyone is alive and is remaining alive (no pressure there, Asta).

Going to the cabin with pizza, of course, because he has a surprise, Asta sees lights flashing and goes to the basement. Seeing the ladder, she goes down it and is now in the fully stocked bunker. He starts to give her a tour, including a wall where he drew her friends and family but dead. He says this is where they will be safe when his people kill everyone. Back upstairs, she freaks out and tells him to call them and tell them not to come. She does not want to be without her friends and family. She takes a toaster and goes to the bathroom, saying that she will kill herself if he doesn’t call his people. Harry goes to her in the bathroom, and Asta is standing in a tub of water with the toaster plugged in and on. As she is about to drop it, he agrees. Unbeknownst to him, she had the power off for the plug. Talk about a major bluff.

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