‘A Discovery of Witches’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3


In this week’s episode of A Discovery of Witches, Matthew, Marcus, and Jack have arrived in New Orleans. However, after what Matthew did, Marcus’ children want nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, Diana and Phoebe chase a lead for one of the missing pages from the Book of Life, Sarah contemplates going back to Madison, and Benjamin continues to scheme against the de Clermonts.

New Orleans

Matthew, Marcus, and Jack have arrived in New Orleans to seek out Marcus’ vampire children. Matthew and Marcus are met with a cold welcome as they begin to search for them, and when they return to the house after an unsuccessful meeting, Jack has disappeared. Matthew finds him in a graveyard, where he has spiralled into a fit of blood rage. Later, the two commiserate over the fact that they both cannot forget the faces of those that they have killed.

Marcus’ children won’t listen to anything that he has to say without the approval of Ransome. After repeated attempts, Marcus is finally able to secure an audience with him, and he explains how they want to form a scion. However, Ransome still can’t let go of what Matthew did all those years ago. After their meeting, Ransome finds Jack in a graveyard, and he’s furious to realize that even though he has blood rage, Matthew is allowing him to live.

Parker Sawyers as Ransome Fayrweather, Toby Regbo as Jack Blackfriar in A Discovery of Witches
Simon Ridgway/AMCN/SkyUK

Ransome agrees to meet with Matthew, which makes Marcus wary, especially because he wants to go alone. When Matthew arrives at the bar, things get off to a rocky start, because Ransome is even more angry now that he’s learned about Jack. Matthew remains calm and explains his side of the story, but what Ransme really wants is for him to express remorse for ruthlessly culling most of Marcus’ children for the Congregation. And so, Matthew relents. They all sit and listen as Matthew reflects back on every single member of the family that he killed, describing when and how he did it. Satisfied that he has finally atoned for what he did, Ransome shakes his hand when he finishes and agrees to join the scion. Later, when Matthew returns to the house, he gives Marcus the apology that he owes him as well.

Sarah tries to leave

Much to the dismay of both Fernando and Gallowglass, Sarah has packed up all of her things and booked a flight to return to Madison. She thinks that they don’t need her anymore, and it’s time for her to go home. However, Gallowglass and Fernando believe otherwise. Gallowglass tries to explain that he knows that Diana will absolutely need her help, reflecting on Diana’s past, at which point he essentially outs himself as being Diana’s guardian for her entire life. Unable to backtrack now, they both begin to explain to Sarah that after Philippe met Diana, he asked Gallowglass to keep watch over her until Matthew came around.

The missing pages from the Book of Life

Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop in A Discovery of Witches
Simon Ridgway/AMCN/SkyUK

Diana and Phoebe continue their hunt for the two missing pages from the Book of Life, trying to dig through history for clues. Once they find a book that seems to be a promising lead, Diana heads to the library to check it out. The scene is reminiscent of when Diana first began to page through Ashmole 782, but this time she doesn’t hesitate to use her powers to find what she’s looking for, which are the names of who else has been in possession of the book. Conveniently, Father Hubbard is one of those people.

Before Diana arrives, Knox pays Hubbard a visit first. The witch tells the vampire that he found a letter from Edward Kelley, which said he had passed on one of the pages from the book to an angel of death and life. He believes that person to be Hubbard. The vampire strikes a nerve when he reminds Knox that he is aware that he has been removed from the Congregation, at which point Knox prepares to attack him, but Hubbard is much quicker to the punch. Knox leaves with a thinly veiled threat from Hubbard on his heels.

Diana’s plea to Hubbard is far more successful than Knox’s. She explains that, as a member of his flock, giving her the page is his best option. Knox believes that the book is the first grimoire and that it will restore the waning powers of the witches. Gerbert, on the other hand, thinks that the book tells the origin of the vampires and will thus provide the secret to immortality and give the vampires supremacy over the other species. If he continues to hold on to the page, it puts his flock in danger. With a promise not to betray his trust, Hubbard finally relents and gives Diana the page, which he had hidden behind a painting.

One page remains, which Diana, Phoebe, and Sarah believe may have been entrusted to a daemon. Phoebe does more digging and they find their next lead — TJ Weston.

Benjamin continues to scheme

Benjamin meets with Gerbert, and the two discuss the fact that Diana is pregnant with twins. Benjamin is eager to make their first move, but Gerbert doesn’t agree. Later, he finds Satu, and he tries to convince her to join him in his mission to take down the de Clermonts, offering her a chance to take on Diana in the process. While Satu does indeed want to show Diana that she isn’t the only one that has now come into her true powers, she would prefer for that meeting to be between the two of them. While Benjamin appears as if he wants to continue trying to push her, he relents.

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