‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Two Points for Honesty”


Walker kicks off after a nail-biting cliffhanger, with our beloved Captain James getting shot outside of Trey’s house. Let’s dive into what happened in this episode!

Trey to the Rescue

Thanks to the quick thinking of Trey who put himself in harm’s way, he runs over to Larry (Captain James) against his wishes. Trey picks up his gun and fires at the suspect, scaring him off. Trey then tends to Larry before help arrives. Another Trooper rushes Trey and Larry to the hospital, who is clearly not looking well and loses consciousness right before they make it to the hospital. Trey ends up getting Larry’s bloody badge.

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Walker Arrives

During a game night, Stella gets a call from DJ, Larry’s son, and Cordell gets notifications of missed calls from the hospital and Trey where he learns the news. The family rushes over to the hospital, including Bonham and Liam.

Cordell sees Trey and gets the update from him, and the Trooper updates on the suspect. The hospital staff tells them that Larry should be ok. Trey hands Cordell the badge from Captain James.

Cordell Appointed as Captain

When Larry awakes, Cordell is by his side. They talk about the suspect and if he’s connected to Serano, and Cordell reassures him that they’ll find someone and Larry makes Cordell running point on the investigation and makes him interim Captain.

Larry’s Family

DJ arrives at the hospital to see his Dad, and we get to meet for the first time Kelly, Larry’s ex-wife. Larry and Kelly talk later when they’re alone, and they share stories about their past relationship. As they’re talking, Kelly reminds Larry to start thinking about the future.

The Investigation

Cordell continues to update Larry on the suspect, but they’re coming up empty-handed with no leads. Cordell goes to visit Stan in prison to interrogate him about Serano’s involvement in the shooting. Stan tells Cordell he doesn’t think Serano is involved, and it would be stupid of Serano to do so considering he could be let go on all charges due to Liam’s fake police report.

Cordell arrives back at the hospital, and Larry doesn’t look great. Cordell tells him about going to see Stan, and Larry isn’t happy. This causes Larry’s oxygen to drop and doctors to rush in. Larry’s later diagnosed with Sepsis, so they tell the Walkers and the family that the next 24 hours are crucial and he needs to remain stress-free. Liam asks to help Cordell, and Cordell tells him he’s not an ADA anymore and the best thing he can do is to be there for Kelly and DJ.

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Walker’s Worries

As Cordell takes a moment to himself as Larry’s not doing well, Geri arrives at the hospital. The two talk and Geri gives Cordell the confidence he needs to be the interim Captain.

Back at the Ranger station, Cordell gathers everyone and gives a speech about Larry and doing everything they can to get justice, but doing so morally. Liam appears right around the corner and listens to the speech. At the end, Liam makes a phone call asking for a visitor pass.

Liam Helps Out

Liam calls Cordell and says he still has friends and pulled a few favors, finding out that a suspect, Cole, that Larry arrested a while ago was recently released, was admitted into the hospital a few hours after Larry.

The Confrontation

Cordell rushes to the hospital and finds Cole in Larry’s room with a gun. Cordell draws his gun, but Larry tells him to stand down. Cordell lowers his gun, and Larry tries to talk Cole down. Cole tells them that Larry lied to him during his arrest and everything wasn’t fine. Larry says he tried to ask for leniency for Cole but it was out of his hands. Cole states that someone tried to jump him in prison after being in there for three months, and he ended up getting 15 years for manslaughter. Larry states he’s sorry for what happened and it made him realize then he didn’t want to do things that way, and in order to do that, he had to be the one calling the shots and to try and do what’s right. Cole raises the gun again and Walker draws his gun again. Larry tells Cordell he made him a promise and to put the gun down.

As this is happening, a tactical team is coming down the hallway, and Cole is shot, the tactical team taking him out as Larry is talking to him. Cordell bends down to check on Cole and Larry asks the tactical officer why he shot him, to which the officer responds, “Just doing my job.”

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Larry, Kelly, and DJ

DJ gets ready to leave for home and Larry and DJ agree to go on a trip to Idaho. Larry walks Kelly out to the elevator as she leaves, and the two talk. During this, we find out that Larry had hoped Micki would be able to take over down the line. Larry says now he’s unsure of who would step up. Kelly says that her worst fear would be that one night he wouldn’t come home, and it came true because he was so focused on protecting them that he didn’t let people in. Kelly says that he can finally hear her now and that counts for a lot. Things are left open-ended as she says for him to call more often.

The Key

Trey, Bonham, Stella, and Augie are told Larry is doing well and will be discharged soon. Bonham talks to Trey and apologizes for letting the cat out of the bag about Micki, and Trey says there’s no need to. Bonham tells Trey that there’s been a lot of ups and downs and bad things are going to happen and that it brings people together. Bonham hands Trey a key to the ranch and says he’ll always have a place to land, a home, if he needs it.

The Aftermath

Cordell and Larry talk after everything went down, and Larry says he has to make sure not only to lead well but who is receiving the orders is the right choice. Cordell starts to apologize, but Larry says he made the right call and listened to him over protocol. Larry says there are ways to stop violence without bringing more violence and more death.

Cordell says he’s not the same ranger a year ago, even a day ago, but that it taught him that he realized Captain is not for him. He wants to be the one who answers the calls, not the one calling the shots. They talk about losing Micki, and how they need to start recruiting some more people, and they’ll do it together.

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Liam’s Visit

We find out that Liam asking for a visitor pass was him asking to see Stan, as Liam arrives at the prison. Stan has been writing Liam but never heard back. Stan tells Liam he was right about the Davidsons, and Stan says he represented the Walkers after the fire. He tells Liam to go to his house and look in the false bottom of a desk and he’ll find something there, but to be careful because he might not like what he sees.

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. You can keep up with all of our Walker coverage, here.

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