‘Bridgerton’: New Images Released as Season 2 Draws Closer


Dearest readers, it has come to this author’s attention that we have a most enthralling and juicy bit of gossip. We are all eagerly anticipating the return of our beloved Bridgerton this very spring on March 25. Today, we’ve been given brand new images of the upcoming second season’s cast of colorful characters and they are a feast for the eyes!

The Bridgertons remain the height of fashion with the Viscount setting his sights on finding a bride. It certainly seems from these images, dear reader, that Miss Sharma may have caught his attentions. Lady Featherington and her gaggle of young ladies are also pictured, though this author can’t say the new color palette of their dear mamma do anything for the young ladies complexions. In any case, the muted tones might serve in drawing suitors this season rather than scaring them away. We mustn’t overlook the latest image of our Queen, who sits reading a most salacious edition from yours truly. Will her Majesty’s luck in choosing our diamond of the season last year hold strong once again? I’ll leave these images for you to examine yourself, dear reader.

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Lady Whistledown

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