‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “Where Do We Go From Here”


The CW’s Walker returned tonight from its midseason break, and it’s pulling out all of the punches. We start to see the repercussions unfold from Liam’s fake police report decision, Micki leaving and the effect it had on Trey, and more.

We also spoke to Keegan Allen about the series and the upcoming episodes, and you can read that here.

The Beginning

At the beginning of the episode, we see the Walker family, minus Bonham, preparing food and Cordell is obviously very angry at Liam. Augie and Stella ask about their contention, and after some pleading, Liam tells them what happened with Dan and filing a fake police report.

The Time Jump

After the main credits, Cordell is at the station when he sees Micki’s nameplate being taken off of her desk. Captain James asks to see Cordell and asks if he’s heard from Liam. Cordell says he hasn’t heard from him in three weeks, and Captain James says that Serano’s lawyers have been granted a continuance based on Liam’s actions and that he can’t be trusted to not tamper with Serano’s case and are trying to get Serano out on bail. Captain James also tells Cordell he’s not allowed on any cases involving Serano or Northside Nation.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Stella and College

Stella and Colton are at the school where there is a college fair with a bunch of booths. It spooks Stella and she heads to see Trey, Stella says Liam needs them and it doesn’t feel right not to return the favor when he’s always there for them.

Cordell arrives at Stella’s school and the two decide to go out on a “we day” like what Emily and Stella used to do. Stella asks Cordell how he knew what he wanted to do after high school, and missing out on college. The two decide to go to the park to play Bocce Ball. The two are playing and talking, and a flashback occurs where Emily and Stella play the same game at the same place. The two set off for HQ, and Cordell tells Stella a story about him and Liam getting into a fight at school. Stella asks why he’s telling her this story right now, and Cordell says it’s because he thinks he’s the one who taught Liam to do something stupid in the name of doing something right.

Liam and… Bret!

We see Liam next out in the middle of the woods chopping wood. He receives a call from Captain James who tells him about the continuance and that Serano’s lawyers are going to want a statement from him. Cap gives him a lecture about doing the right thing, and that he’s trying to protect him.

Next we see Liam at The Side Step… and Bret appears! Bret says that Stella called him and was concerned, so he came down. The two grab food and Liam’s drinking alcohol when he gets a call from Serano’s lawyers about his statement. He denies wanting to speak to them, and they ask for his official recusal where he sobers up and says no, he has more to say. He and Bret discuss that if they’re asking for an official recusal, they have ulterior motives. As they talk through it, they realize that it might be for Serano’s lawyers to get the case thrown out due to Cordell’s past misconduct. Liam freaks out, telling Bret to take him to Ranger HQ to make the statement, but Liam’s drunk. Bret calls Cordell, who makes his way to the station.

Walker Ranch

At the Walker ranch, Colton pulls up to Abeline and Augie outside. He asks about Stella since she left school. They tell them that Stella is with her dad, but Augie asks him if he’d help him with his music. Abeline questions about his parents being angry about him being there, but Colton says he wasn’t planning on telling him. Augie plays the piano with Colton there and Abeline starts singing a song Colton’s mom sang to him. They talk about their families, and Colton talks about his family, his adoption, and how his parents were on the brink of divorce. Abeline reassures Colton that they can’t be bad, considering how he turned out, and it ends with her telling Colton he can call her Abeline, not Mrs. Walker.

Abeline is feeding the boys and tells them that she and Gale used to be friends. She tells him about his grandpa and how he was a good man. As they go back to the piano, Augie tells Colton that he found a lantern with his family’s brand in the barn.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Trey and the Aftermath of Micki

At Trey’s house, he’s surrounded by a ton of boxes, showing the aftermath of Micki’s departure. Captain James comes to see him and check on him, and ask about his visit to see Micki while she was undercover, and that there’s a grey car in the alley watching him. Trey reassures him he’s safe and knows how to take care of himself. The two play video games for a bit, and Cap asks if they’re going to talk about Micki. Trey says he’s not sure what to say, and that he keeps running scenarios of what he could have changed. Cap also says he does the same. Cap gets a call from HQ, and tells Trey that they need to go, looking outside the window. They ran the plates on the car, and they confirm Trey is being watched by Serano’s men.

Liam at Ranger HQ

Trey and Cap arrive at HQ where they run into Liam and Bret. They see just how far gone Liam is and they’re worried. As Trey and Bret try to take Liam to grab some coffee, Serano’s lawyers arrive and start harassing Liam. Liam bites back at the lawyers, calling them “smug” and that tells one of the lawyers “your outfit is a joke” before things escalate. Cordell and Stella arrive at the door hearing the arguments.

Next, Liam is in Captain James’ office and lectures him about showing up a mess. Cap asks if there’s something more since he’s been spinning ever since losing DA. Liam says he lost the DA to a man who killed his sister-in-law, and Cap asks him to think about what he wants.

Stella and Trey talk in the Rangers Station and talk about missing Micki, and Trey talks to Stella about her future.

Bret waits for Liam, who sits down and they talk about their future. Liam says he misses him, Bret says he does as well. Liam says he thinks they’re waiting for him to be a person worth making a promise to. Bret says he’s waiting for Liam to see he is worth being that person. Cordell interrupts and takes over for Bret so he can talk to Liam.

Liam and Cordell take a drive and Cordell apologizes for hitting his ball out of the way in Bocce, and tells him about his and Stella’s “we day”. Cordell stops Liam and says that losing Micki hurts, but that Liam is also his partner and his brother and that he realized that when he’s too close to it he can’t see the fall. Cordell tells Liam he thinks he’s slipping, and Liam says he’s gotten so far away from who he is and who he wants to be. He says when he saw what Serano’s lawyers were trying to do, he got his chance at absolution. Cordell reassures him that owning up to his mistakes takes courage and that whenever he wants to give his official statement that he’ll be there.

Liam, Cordell, Bret, and Stella play cards after, and Stella says she started her first application to college, to one in Maine.

The Shootout

Captain James drops Trey back off at home and that Trey has a security detail and he’ll wait around until they arrive. As Trey goes to go back inside, Cap gets out and sees something in his side mirror. He draws his gun and gets shot in the leg. He engages in a shootout as Trey takes cover on the front porch. The episode ends as Captain James is shot in the chest and is lying on the front steps bleeding.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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