‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 “Bicephaly”

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In episode 4 of Cobra Kai, Johnny begins to feel envious of Daniel’s new bond with Miguel while navigating his relationship with Carmen. Meanwhile, the Cobra Kai dojo sees another new addition to the team. Read on to find out what happens in “Bicephaly.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

A Little Green Monster

Johnny continues to stew over Miguel and Daniel. After class, he invites Miguel to dinner, but he’s going to the garage with Daniel. Back home, Johnny shares his frustration with Carmen. She suggests they tell Miguel about them, but Johnny thinks it will make things worse. Carmen disagrees. Meanwhile, Miguel and Daniel finish work on the car. Daniel teaches him how to drive. On the way to a party, both open up about their fathers.

The Unfortunate Bathroom Incident

The middle schoolers tour the high school. Lia points out something on Kenny’s (Cobra Kai) shirt. He heads to the bathroom to clean up, running into two Eagle Fang kids. Noticing the shirt, they crack jokes at Kenny’s expense. Just as Kenny is about to attack, Hawk swoops in and stops him and says Kenny should get out of Cobra Kai while he still can.

At the Cobra Kai dojo, Kenny tells Kyler, Robby, and Tory what happened. Class begins and Kreese formally introduces Terry. Afterward, Robby trains one-on-one with Kenny. Then, Terry arrives to spar with Robby. He tells Robby not to let fear hold him back.

An Unhappy Birthday Party

Samantha and Amanda attend a birthday party where they learn Tory is working it as part of a mermaid princess group. While Tory tells a story to a group of kids, Samantha interjects every so often with snarky remarks. When Samantha leaves, Tory uses her story to get the kids to throw glitter all over Samantha. Once Daniel and Miguel arrive, Samantha makes a show of kissing Miguel. Tory gets angry and storms out. Amanda follows and tries to offer sympathy that Tory doesn’t want to hear.

Relationships and Manwiches

Johnny uses a well-intentioned but poorly worded Google search to figure out how to tell Miguel about him and Carmen. He flashes back to when he was a kid, and his mother revealed her engagement to Sid. In the present, he cooks up manwiches (aka sloppy joes) when Robby shows up. He tells Johnny about the incident with Kenny at the high school, throwing out a small threat. The two argue about Cobra Kai and Kreese, but Johnny ends the conversation. A bit later, Miguel returns. Johnny invites him to eat, wanting to tell him something. Unfortunately for Johnny, Miguel already ate with Daniel.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Sprinklers

The Cobra Kai kids are at the drive-in theater where they use Kenny to get concessions. During a particularly hefty concession run, Kenny runs into the Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do kids. As the Cobra Kais arrive, a stand-off begins. Miguel tells the Cobra Kais to meet them at the baseball diamond, where a well-timed arrival causes the Cobra Kais to get doused by the sprinklers. Their respective senseis hear about the incident. Johnny is upset about the provocation, but Daniel thinks the approach was solid. As tension ramps up, Kreese and Terry show up at Miyagi-Do.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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