‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 “Then Learn Fall”

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In this episode of Cobra Kai, Johnny and Daniel switch students for the day, but one sensei hits a roadblock. Meanwhile, Kenny decides he wants to fight back, and Terry Silver makes his decision. Read on to find out what happens in “Then Learn Fall.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

A Switch Up

Daniel and Johnny finally get into a rhythm. The LaRussos, Miguel, Carmen, and Johnny have dinner at the LaRussos’, where Daniel begins to get excited about the future (specifically, Samantha’s). Miguel gets nervous, accidentally spilling wine on Daniel. But still, nothing ruins the evening.

The next day, Johnny and Daniel switch groups. Daniel’s lesson includes having his group try to catch a koi. At the end of their day, Miguel says Carmen is having car troubles. Daniel insists on bringing him to the garage. While there, they discuss college and the future, and Miguel is worried about his. Daniel shares how his path getting to LaRusso Auto wasn’t straightforward, and Miguel’s doesn’t have to be either.

Meanwhile, Johnny brings his group to the roof of a building, where he tells them to jump across to the neighboring building. Samantha’s not having it. But Johnny is willing to wait until someone does it anyway. Eventually, after an argument with Samantha, Johnny caves. As they leave, he makes a comment to Samantha. Then, she decides to go for it and jumps to the other building (like a total badass, obviously). That night, Johnny makes his own leap, finally telling Carmen how he feels, and she reciprocates.

Kenny’s Ready to Fight (Almost)

Kenny heads to the Cobra Kai dojo, and Kreese says if he wants to stay, he needs to prove himself. Kreese puts Kenny up against Kyler, but Kenny is unable to fight back. Later, Robby visits Kenny, offering to teach him a few things. The next time Kenny goes to Cobra Kai, he’s finally able to land a punch (after a couple tries). Kyler is annoyed, but Kreese lets Kenny stay.

Will He or Won’t He

After some war flashbacks, Terry goes to see Kreese. He insists he’s not interested in Kreese’s offer, but Kreese thinks otherwise. Terry says what he needs to before leaving. At home, he stares at his reflection and remembers when he and Kreese got matching tattoos (which we see in a flashback). They also discuss Cobra Kai. Back in the present, Terry puts his hair in a ponytail. Perhaps Kreese got through after all.

Miguel’s Triumph

During their next session, Miguel figures out a new strategy to catch a koi. He leads the group into the pond and finally catches one. Daniel presents Miguel with a headband that matches his, explaining the symbolism behind it. Johnny and his group arrive, all in a better mood. That mood is squashed, though, as Johnny observes Miguel and Daniel, upset at the scene unfolding.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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