‘The Witcher’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “Dear Friend”

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The second half of the season isn’t going to let up, as episode 6 is just as event-filled as episode 5. Ciri’s powers are put to the test again, Istredd seeks information from some interesting brokers, and Cahir enters into a power struggle with the elves in Cintra. Geralt and Yennefer are reunited finally, though as per usual, their meeting does not end well.

A Devastating Loss

Reasoning with teenagers is just as impossible in the fantasy world of The Witcher as it is in the real world, as is proven in the opening of episode 6. Geralt, still trying to discuss why Ciri going through the Trial of the Grasses would be a bad decision, is making Ciri feel like he doesn’t care what she wants. A new stellacite monster attacks the pair — a Chernobog. After using Ciri as bait, Geralt is able to slay the monster, although Ciri reveals that she could feel the Chernobog did not want to hurt her. Unfortunately, Geralt’s faithful steed Roach does not make it through the encounter with the Chernobog and Geralt is forced to give her a merciful death rather than allow his companion to suffer.

Temple of Melitele

Geralt and Ciri head to visit Nenneke at the Temple of Melitele, where Witchers learn to use signs. The Priestess Nenneke is keenly aware that Ciri is a Daughter of Chaos, yet believes she can help Ciri control the power inside of her. Ciri comes into the possession of the Orbuculum, a strange orb with unknown powers that Ciri must discover. Ciri spends the remainder of the episode trying to unlock the power of the Orbuculum, successfully doing so near the end. Geralt and Ciri’s relationship appears to flourish as the pair become more comfortable and trusting of one another.

Cintra’s Conflict

Cahir, back in Cintra, believes he is in charge once again and his days on the bottom of the totem running for his life are over. However, things are far from perfect in Cintra in his eyes, as he isn’t pleased with the elf situation Fringilla has created. Cahir’s power move in the form of a “training” fight with Filavandrel is interrupted as Francesca goes into labor. While it’s unclear initially if the baby will survive labor, the newborn baby girl ultimately takes her first breaths in Cintra.

Without Fringilla’s growing warmth and sense of humanity, the newborn would not have survived, as it is established that a pure elf hasn’t been born in quite some time due to the conditions the elvish have been forced to live in. Fringilla’s heart is growing softer as her belief in the humanitarian aims of Nilfgaard grows, such as feeding and housing all of those living on the Continent. While Cahir begins to question her loyalty to Nilfgaard due to her caring after the elves, Fringilla is shaken at the news that Emperor Emhir is traveling to Cintra.

Kaer Morhen Under Attack

Rience arrives to Kaer Morhen in search of Ciri. After defeating both Vesemir and Triss in a quick fight, Rience is able to escape with the potion made from Ciri’s blood. Vesemir survives despite his severe wounds, which is a relief seeing as the Witchers definitely still need him around. Triss soon leaves his side to return to Tissaia to inform her about Ciri — and more importantly, Ciri’s potentially world-ending powers.

Yennefer’s Betrayal

Yennefer arrives to the Temple of Melitele in her search for Ciri. Shortly after her arrival, she is reunited with Geralt before being introduced to Ciri officially. The three sit down for a moment together, and it would almost seem as though we are seeing them as a family for the first time if we didn’t already know Yennefer’s true intentions with Ciri — to use her to get her own chaos powers back. Yennefer takes the opportunity of Rience attacking to barricade herself in a room with Ciri. The Orbuculum finally activates due to the presence of Ciri’s power now that she is scared, as she does not yet know how to unlock her powers without fear.

Yennefer takes this moment to teach Ciri her first bit of magic: opening portals. After slaughtering those who had come for Ciri, Geralt catches a glimpse of the two about to escape into the portal. Yennefer ignores Geralt’s plea for her and Ciri to stay, betraying Geralt’s trust.

Lara Dorren’s Weapon

The episode definitely needed some comic relief, as the content and themes of the second half of the season are starting to get much heavier and deeper. We find our comic relief in the information brokers Istredd has hired, Codringher and Fenn. The three discover that Lara Dorren didn’t create a weapon to take back the land that is theirs — rather, she created a warrior. The warrior is, of course, now Ciri who must learn how to control her power … or destroy the entire world. Certainly a daunting task and prophecy for such a young woman.

The Witcher season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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