‘The Witcher’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “Kaer Morhen”

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In the second episode of season 2, we focus on catching up with the Witchers at Kaer Morhen while the elves search for Dol Blathanna. Yennefer and Ciri undergo transformations as they realize what they want, while Geralt embraces fatherhood.

Dreams of a Happier Life

We open on Yennefer of Vengerberg greeting Geralt in what can immediately be determined as a home they share. Not only do the pair share a home, but Yennefer is pregnant. As we know, Yennefer cannot have children due to events in season 1. The image shifts and Yennefer is no longer pregnant, her daughter now a baby crying in a bassinet that catches fire. A mysterious red-cloaked figure holds the baby as Yennefer wakes from her nightmare to Fringilla, who has also just woken from a nightmare. Their captor is revealed to be none other than Filavandrel who is now second-in-command to Francesca. Despite being a quarter elf herself, Yennefer isn’t winning any favors with this crowd.

Home Sweet Home

After building up to it for the entirety of the first season, Geralt and Ciri finally arrive at Kaer Morhen and are greeted by Geralt’s brothers: the remaining Witchers, including fan-favorites from the books/video games Lambert and Geralt’s father-figure Vesemir. The Witchers return to Kaer Morhen for the winter to rest, but Geralt plans to spend his winter training Ciri to be able to protect herself. His plans are interrupted when another fan-favorite makes his debut returning from a battle with a leshy — Eskel.

Shared Dreams

The elves are digging for something, and have been for a while. As it turns out, Yennefer, Fringilla, and Francesca have been having the same dream of the mysterious figure in robes. Each see the figure as a different person and the robes as a different color. In fantasy stories, shared dreams are normally always significant. None of the women raise suspicion that their individual dreams seem to show them exactly who they want to see saying exactly what they want to hear.

After venturing deep into the crypt the elves have been digging for, the outcome of these shared dreams is unveiled and is quite significant. The three women share visions at the same time spurred by a spoken incantation and a dreamlike journey to a cabin in the woods with no doors. When the women awaken from their vision, Francesca and Fringilla agree to ally the elves with Nilfgaard in the most significant political move we’ve seen on the Continent thus far. Yennefer, meanwhile, is focused on the loss of her magic, realizing that she hasn’t been able to use her powers since the Battle of Sodden Hill.

A Party Fit for Witchers

Soon after Eskel arriving, Kaer Morhen is filled with prostitutes and laughter as the Witchers unwind…minus Geralt, of course. We see a softer side of Geralt here due to concern for Ciri seeing all of this debauchery. However, the soft side doesn’t last long as Eskel takes things a step too far and swings on Geralt, who immediately puts him in his place and sends him to bed. Where there are Witchers there are normally monsters, and the party goes South rather quickly.

The wound Eskel has been nursing since his return festers, transforming him into a tree monster. Eskel, no longer able to control himself, enters into a fight with Geralt. Things appear to not be going very well, until Vesemir joins the fight alongside Geralt. In an emotional ending to the fight, Geralt and Vesemir are forced to kill Eskel who is beyond saving. The pair are left to question how Eskel was turned into a leshy, as the monsters are definitely not supposed to work that way. Geralt uses this moment as a chance to begin training Ciri.

The Witcher season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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