‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 6 “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”


In this week’s Dexter: New Blood, Angela confronts “Jim” about the little lie about his identity. So, Dexter embarks on a quest to discover Angela’s source. Meanwhile, he and Harrison begin therapy, but Harrison’s troubles go far beyond a therapist’s couch. Read on to find out what happens in “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches.”

Warning: We’re wrestling with spoilers here. Proceed with caution.

Stop It. Get Some Help.

dexter: new blood episode 6
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Harrison takes Kurt’s advice, doing the chores outside Dexter usually does. As Dexter watches, he wonders if therapy was the right choice. Deb thinks yes, noting that she’s proud of him. (It seems as though Dexter’s beginning to resolve some of that dissonance.) Then, he finds Harrison’s job application. In a chipper mood, Harrison comes back in. When Dexter asks, Harrison says a job will help him gain some more independence. All he needs is Jim’s signature. Dexter doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Right on cue, the mood sours (and Deb isn’t pleased. So much for that resolving), and Harrison reveals he didn’t go to therapy. He went to see Kurt. Oh, and he still takes the job anyway.

Later, the two go see Dr. Morris. Jim shares things have been bumpy, but Harrison goes all in, sharing everything that happened with him. When Dr. Morris prompts, Jim doesn’t have much of a response. Dr. Morris wants him to dig deeper. This leads into a conversation about Dexter’s childhood. He gives vague answers, mostly listing major milestones… including how his marriage “fell apart.” Yeah, because your wife being MURDERED was just the marriage “falling apart.” Harrison calls this out, and Dexter fears Harrison remembers. He doesn’t. He says he only knows what he’s found online. Dr. Morris checks in with them. Jim says he’s made peace. Harrison feels especially abandoned.

That night, Harrison sneaks into Audrey’s room. He shares his anger and that he thinks about hurting people – and Ethan wasn’t his first. He explains who was (trust me, the guy deserved it), and Audrey consoles him. But she’s not getting it. Harrison wants to hurt everyone. Fully unjudgmental, Audrey sympathizes. They begin to kiss, and as things heat up, we see the straight razor in Harrison’s back pocket.

Molly’s Game

dexter: new blood episode 6
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Angela confronts Jim about Dexter Morgan. At the station, Dexter says he wanted to get away from the death and the killing in Miami (which…isn’t a lie), telling Angela about Rita and Deb. He shares that he also wanted to die, hence why he drove his boat into the hurricane. He didn’t think he’d survive, but he saw it as a chance to start over. Angela listens, but she’s hurt; Dexter broke her trust, so she ends things with him. As he leaves, he wonders who found him out, just as Molly shows up. Dexter thinks it was her (if only he knew).

While Dexter’s at work, he cues up Molly’s podcast, scrolling to see the Trinity, Ice Truck Killer, and Bay Harbor Butcher episodes. He lands on BHB and listens as Molly discusses the case, throwing in a little tidbit that she doesn’t think it was Doakes. This only solidifies Dexter’s thought that Molly is Angela’s source. Soon, he meets with Logan at the Tavern under the guise of wanting help with Angela. He leads the conversation into Molly, where he learns that she and Angela have been working on a secret case. Logan doesn’t know what, though.

dexter: new blood episode 6
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

The next day, Dexter goes to the tavern for lunch, where Molly and Kurt are conveniently also eating along the bar. Dexter plugs in his phone, striking up a brief conversation to cover the fact that he’s recording them. He heads off to a more distant booth to eat, leaving when Molly and Kurt do. He follows them and as he drives, he listens to the recording. During which, Molly asks about Matt. Kurt admits he did lie but that Matt is hiding out at the cabin, which is where he’s bringing Molly – provided she tells no one.

Kurt leads Molly inside towards the room. She begins to get suspicious as Kurt fake calls out to Matt from outside the door. Thankfully, Dexter decides to barge right in (with a flimsy excuse that Kurt can clearly see through). Kurt tries to steer them away from the room, but Dexter dodges past him, opening the door to see no Matt, which Kurt covers. He does notice the one-way lock and the camera, but he doesn’t reveal it to Molly. Dexter thinks this could be Angela’s suspect. He offers to drive Molly back into town while Kurt seethes.

When they arrive in town, Molly thanks him, saying she was worried she was about to be the next episode of her podcast. She adds that she hopes things work out with him and Angela. Dexter is relieved. For now, Molly doesn’t suspect anything is off with Dexter.

The Iron Lake Spelunking Department

dexter: new blood episode 6
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Angela looks over the search grid when Logan walks in. He offers help about Jim, but instead, Angela enlists his help figuring out Matt’s case. She fills him in, but the last thing he wants to hear is that Kurt was lying. Angela points out that when Kurt claimed Matt was alive, the search team was about to search the caves. Her theory is that maybe Matt is dead, and Kurt (accidentally) killed him. She plans to search the caves the next day. However, Logan has the wrestling match. So, Angela brings Teddy.

The next day, Angela and Teddy head to the caves. They find a hidden tunnel that Angela crawls through, finding a bigger cave. She spots a pile of rocks and begins to move them. When she finds a foot, she calls for Teddy. Together, they unearth a body that definitely isn’t Matt. Then, Angela spots something, and we see the person was wearing a bracelet that matches Angela’s. Angela knows this person. It’s Iris.

Up Shi-, Uh… Moose Creek

dexter: new blood episode 6
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It’s time for Harrison’s first wrestling meet! Iron Lake versus Moose Creek. Both Dexter and Kurt make it in time, Dexter in the bleachers with Tess, and Kurt down on the floor with the team. Harrison’s match begins. In the second round, the Moose Creek kid elbows Harrison in the face. Before the third round, Kurt eggs Harrison on, in a very bad way. Dexter’s dad instincts fight to take over. The round begins and Harrison manages to pin his opponent, who taps out. But even after the whistle, Harrison doesn’t stop. What does he do? He breaks the kid’s arm. Yes, you read that right. He BREAKS this kid’s arm. All hell breaks loose. A smug grin crosses Kurt’s face as he tells Harrison he’s proud. Dexter rushes down, beginning a confrontation with Kurt. Logan quickly breaks them up before telling Harrison and Dexter to leave.

As they walk out, Harrison and Dexter begin to argue. Harrison doesn’t understand why Dexter dislikes Kurt. (I can think of a few reasons, pal.) Meanwhile, Dexter wants to know what Kurt told Harrison. He knows Kurt encouraged harm. Harrison won’t confirm, though. Through this, Angela calls Dexter. He eventually answers, as Jim Lindsay. On the other end, a crying Angela tells him, “I don’t need Jim. I need Dexter Morgan.”

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • Kurt continues his embalming ritual with Chloe. But, as her eye was, you know, shot out, he grows angry when he can’t fix it. He later goes to the diner, where he spots another girl, Winnie. Kurt goes through his whole spiel before finding out Winnie has a boyfriend who found them a ride. (The sigh of relief I let out.)
  • Angela finds Harrison and Audrey in bed together the morning after Harrison visits her. Angela angrily escorts Harrison home. In a moment of levity, Dexter asks Deb what to do, but she has no idea. Instead, she jokes about hoping they used protection. Dexter definitely isn’t ready to be a grandfather. But hey, at least he didn’t have to tell Harrison about the birds and the bees.
  • During the wrestling match, Dexter (in a voiceover) comments about the encouragement of violence, saying, “Normal people are so strange.” This line is almost verbatim what he says in the Dexter pilot. While on a date with Rita, he says, “Normal people are so hostile.” (And if you know the context, you know.)

Dexter: New Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Keep up with our weekly recaps here, and the rest of our coverage here.

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