Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 6 “Douglas Fir”

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Tonight was the midseason finale for Walker, and also what seems to be Lindsey Morgan’s last episode as the beloved Micki Ramirez. As we reported earlier, Morgan was announced to be exiting the series.

Let’s dive into what happens in this episode!

The Reindeer Bandits

In the beginning of the episode, we see that it’s Christmastime, and a man is being trailed by a truck. The man is driving a department of public safety vehicle. The trucks run him off the road, and the bandits are wearing Reindeer masks. They use a blowtorch to try and open the truck before the opening credits appear.

Christmas Decorating

Augie and Stella are seen bringing in a Christmas tree to the ranch, and Augie is clearly hurt from falling through the Davidsons’ barn roof last episode. Stella and Augie promise to tell Cordell soon. Cordell walks in with Bonham, as they decorate for Christmas. Bonham is a bit grumpy and asks Cordell to ask Liam to bring in a proper tree. Liam set up a Christmas village complete with a train on the table. The Davidsons are brought up and Liam reassures Cordell that he can be civil.

Denise arrives at the ranch to tell Cordell and Liam that the truck that was hijacked was containing tons of evidence from the Serano case, up in Thalia, Texas. Denise tells Cordell to take Liam with him.

Micki, Trey, and The Elephant in the Room

Micki’s on the couch waiting for Trey to come out, and she tells Trey all about Garrison. Trey says he doesn’t understand why she kept lying, and she tells him that she was engaged. Micki asks if he ever had the “fork in the road moment” where you shake up fate. She said she lost Garrison the first time because she couldn’t save him, and lost him again, and that she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Trey says he was sorry he wasn’t there, and that she went through that.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW


Liam and Cordell arrive in Thalia to investigate the hijacking. The two question a man selling Christmas trees, and Dan Miller is brought up. Cordell says Dan lives in Austin, and the man says it’s outdated information and he’s in Thalia.

We see Dan with a box of Christmas decorations, and he opens up a chest in a house and takes a gun and cash from the chest and puts it into the box of decorations. There’s a knock on the door, and Dan opens it up revealing Cordell and Liam. Cordell and Liam question why Dan’s there, and Cordell notices the box of decorations. Dan said he was coming to get some decorations that he left behind, and Cordell points out the gun. Dan says they will stop at nothing to defame their family, as Liam tries to connect Dan to the hijacking.

Liam and Cordell go to a restaurant and Liam brings up Dan. Liam talks about how he hears gunshots now, and it seems he has PTSD. Liam asks Cordell to trust him and that he has a bad feeling. Cordell asks for mutual trust and that they will find the truck. Gale walks into the restaurant and asks to talk to Cordell alone. Liam gets up and heads outside, where he sees Dan and Dan locks his truck. Liam goes towards Dan’s truck and peeks inside and sees what looks like reindeer masks. Liam freaks out, and punches out his taillight, thinking Dan is guilty.

Inside the restaurant, Gale and Cordell talk about how Dan told her about their investigation. Gale gives Cordell an address to a hardware store and she said the clerk there said he sold blowtorches to three men the previous day. Cordell asks how it clears Dan, and Gale defends him. Gale talked about how Dan and Denise got into a fight and Dan came up here to sleep and blow off some steam. Cordell asks if its supposed to be an alibi, but Gale says it’s the truth. Cordell says that if her lead checks out, he will keep Dan’s secret that he’s in Thalia.

Back in a shop, we see three men trying to open the evidence truck. We hear Cordell’s voice, and the men shoot a lot of rounds at the door. After that, a truck with Cordell driving breaks through the barn door with backup as one of the men lights a blowtorch and Cordell takes him down, using chains to help fight him. All of the evidence is still intact in the truck, and Cordell says Gale’s information checked out. Cordell says they might owe Dan an apology.

On the drive home, Cordell and Liam see Dan and Gale pulled over surrounded by cops. Liam stops Cordell from getting out and tells him to keep driving. Cordell finds out that Liam called in a fake police report about them. Cordell yells at Liam about how bad this is and how this is going to ruin Liam’s career. Cordell gets out of the truck and goes over to them.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

School Christmas Event

Stella and Augie arrive at the Christmas event at school, and Augie sees Colton up at the piano. Augie tells Colton he does the keys for carols, but has issues playing due to his shoulder injury. Colton comes over to Augie and tells him he’ll help him play the piano so he doesn’t look like a fool.

At the event, Trey and Micki walk in and see Denise. Denise says Colton has told her about the escape rooms and wanted to thank Trey.

Trey steals Micki away from a group chatting, and the two sit to talk and drink. Trey talks about how he said yes to every event, “anything to get my mind off of what you had done,” which Micki gets upset about. Trey said he doesn’t blame her, but he brings up the timing; how they were talking about Mom brunch, kids, and then Micki went undercover. After finding out she was engaged, he says he’s worried she’s afrad of committment to him, and that the fork in the road she mentioned earlier … he’s on the wrong side of it. Micki angrily says she needs air and walks away.

Augie and Colton talk and Augie’s nervous. Augie apologizes to Colton and asks to be friends, and Colton agrees. The two go on stage and Augie’s trying to impress the girl he’s been talking to. Micki and Trey share looks across the room, while Liam arrives at the event. Liam goes over to Denise telling her he needs to talk to her, and he’s seemingly about to tell Denise everything.

Cordell arrives at the event to see Liam and Denise talking, and Stella arrives outside to see Cordell. Bonham arrives in his truck and steps out dressed as Santa. The tree gets lit, and Augie tells Cordell about his shoulder. Cordell hugs his kids and watches the tree.

Micki and Trey step outside once everyones leaves. Trey says he’s glad he was honest with her, and too much has been unsaid. Trey said he’s glad Micki told him the truth, too. Micki says she knows how Trey really feels and doesn’t know what to do with it or how to move forward. Trey said they do, but neither of them want to say it. Micki has tears in her eyes, and she tells Trey about the church painting. Micki agrees that neither of them want to say it, but they should. Micki tells Trey that she needs to go home to San Antonio to figure out how she got here, otherwise she doesn’t know how she can make it back.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Saying Goodbye to Micki

Micki arrives at the Rangers station, which is quiet and dark, everyone gone. She takes a letter out of her bag for Walker and places it on her desk. Captain James appears, asking her to change her mind. Micki tells him about how she feels lost, and Cordell arrives.

Cordell says he talked to Trey, and that if it’s happening he needs to say something. He tells her that when she met him he had just come back from being undercover and it takes a toll. She helped him more than he can explain, and he apologizes for not reaching out more. Micki says that everything that happened gave her clarity and she wants to love her job and place and that she used to. Micki and Cordell are both in tears, and she thanks Captain James for taking a chance on her, and he tells her it was one of the smartest things he ever did. He tells her the door is always open and she tells Cordell and Cap they’ll always be her family. She gives her badge back to Captain James, and she turns around and walks out.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this was Lindsey Morgan’s last episode on Walker. As a fan and a journalist who has been covering this show, one who has interviewed Lindsey, she was so gracious and wonderful, and it was easily one of my favorite interviews. All of us at Nerds wish her the absolute best in whatever she does next, and Lindsey, we thank you for bringing Micki to life.

Walker will return from its midseason hiatus on January 13.

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