‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Young Bucks Return to Action, Riho Versus Jamie Hayter, and More


In this episode of Dynamite, the Young Bucks return to action against Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor of CHAOS, the Dynamite Diamond battle royal takes place, and more.

You’re in MJF Country, Punk

Punk comes out to MJF’s music and the crowd of Long Island isn’t thrilled. Punk eggs on the crowd by saying his hometown [Chicago] is so much louder. He then takes off his sweater to reveal a four-pillar shirt with Britt’s face replacing MJF’s. Punk says when he stepped to MJF in Chicago, he ran out of the ring. Punk says he wants MJF to come out so they can settle their grievances before Punk challenges for the title. He says Larry has more balls than MJF and he’s neutered.

The Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

As the bell rings, Lee Moriarty is eliminated almost immediately. Matt Hardy uses The Bunny’s brass knuckles to go after Lethal but Dante eliminates Hardy. Lethal turns his attention to MJF to eliminate him but Wardlow makes the save. MJF nearly gets taken out again, and this time, Shawn Spears pushes him back into the ring. Wardlow and Hobbs go toe to toe in the center of the ring. Lio and Dante have a stare-down as Dante eliminates fellow Team Taz member Hobbs. Wardlow has Lee Johnson and Lio Rush by the throats, MJF capitalizes to eliminate them. The only problem is … he also eliminated fellow Pinnacle member Wardlow. Soon after, he eliminates Frankie Kazarian as Dante eliminates Ricky Starks, leaving two men standing. They will compete for the Dynamite diamond ring at Winter is Coming.

The Acclaimed and 2Point0 versus Jurassic Express and Varsity Blonds

Bowens and Jungle Boy start in the ring. Bowens knocks JB down. JB recovers quickly, but gets chopped in the chest. Bowens tags in Caster and they double team an Irish whip to JB who counters with an inside arm drag. JB gets hold of 2Point0 and takes them down, clearing the ring. JB tags in Brian Pillman Jr. who tags in Varsity Blonds’ tag partner Griff. They knock down both opposing teams outside the ring. Garrison tags in BPJ again, as he lands heavy hits to Caster’s head. Bowens and Caster have their fun beating BPJ down in the corner; Bowens elbows the side of his head.

Jeff breaks BPJ down who creates separation to attempt a tag, but Caster is on the move, stopping him in his tracks. Jeff tags in, BPJ breaks free momentarily, Bowens kicks him right in the face. Finally, BPJ breaks through and tags Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus clears house, JB tags in and hits the comebacker lariat. BPJ runs into the ring taking down Bowens, and Caster takes him out. JB goes for the snare trap, Eddie Kingston comes down to the ring and takes down Garcia on the outside. JB puts Caster into the snare trap and makes him tap.

Young Bucks versus Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero

Nick starts against rocky. Romero dropkicks Nick who recovers quickly, but is taken down by a shoulder tackle. Romero tags in Taylor; Matt makes a blind tag but Taylor sends him into the corner of the ring before tagging in Romero. Romero sends Nick outside and lands a tope suicida. Nick throws Romero into the ring, Matt shows off before scraping the back of Romero. Taylor tags in and hits a DDT Flatliner combo to both Bucks. The Bucks superkick Taylor and Romero. They do their famed kiss spot with Cole on the outside of the ring and Nick kicks Taylor in the face from the ring apron.

In the ring, Nick kicks Taylor to the back and tags in Matt. Nick, from the top rope, hits a senton. Nick hits a flurry of roundhouse kicks, punches, and a bulldog to Taylor. Taylor fights out as Nick tags in Matt. Taylor tags in Romero. He goes after both Bucks with the Forever clotheslines, a double hurricanrana, and a running sliced bread to Matt. Matt gets some offense with the locomotion northern lights suplex. Romero counters. On the distraction, Cole makes his way into the ring. Orange Cassidy is behind him, kicking him. Nick superkicks Taylor, who lands a pile driver to Matt. Romero goes for a quick backslide on Matt who kicks out. Matt goes for the Meltzer Driver to pick up the win.

After the match, the SuperKliq go after the Best Friends, who are outnumbered. Yuta rushes to the ring to even the odds but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, the theme music plays, and Trent and Sue make their return to Dynamite!

Surprise, Ruby

Ruby is backstage cutting a promo when The Bunny makes it known Nyla said when she wins, she and Penelope Ford are first in line for title shots. On Friday’s Rampage, The Bunny is teaming up with Penelope to go against Ruby and two opponents of her choosing.

Jamie Hayter versus Riho

Hayter plays dirty, pushing Riho’s face. Riho goes after her. They lock up, and Riho hits heavy punches to Hayter’s chest. Riho bridges out of the cover. Hayter catches her and puts her in a backbreaker. Britt lands a cheap shot on Riho while referee Aubrey is distracted. Riho hits Hayter with a Tiger Feint Kick into a diving crossbody. Hayter slams Riho’s back into the ring post and kicks her on the ground. Throwing Riho into the ring, she puts her into a chin lock and drags her into the center of the ring.

Riho fights back, attempting a hammer throw, but Hayter reverses the leverage. Riho stomps the midsection of Hayter, and both women are down. They exchange shots. Riho rolls up Hayter who kicks out. Riho tries once more to put Hayter away with a leaping knee strike into the code red, but Hayter kicks out. As a last-ditch effort, Hayter attempts to superplex Riho, but Riho scouts it. Rebel interferes so Hayter can take control again, but Riho plants Hayter with an avalanche crucifix bomb to pick up the win.

John Silver versus Bryan Danielson

Silver throws Danielson down. Danielson counters with hard kicks to Silver’s legs. Silver kicks Danielson in the sternum and head. Danielson drags Silver to the edge of the ring and hits him with uppercuts and a diving knee strike. He continues his assault with dropkicks to Silver. Danielson goes for another shotgun dropkick, and Silver counters, sending both men to the mat. The American Dragon is back up first. They exchange kicks in the center of the ring. Silver goes after the ankle of Danielson who is desperately trying to get Silver to break the hold. He doesn’t, so Danielson rolls to the rope to break the hold. Silver kicks Danielson’s chest and goes into a German suplex. Danielson lands on his feet, kicking Silver in the back of the head. Silver trips Danielson and delivers a kick of his own. Danielson kicks out. Danielson knocks out Silver, winning the match.

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