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We at Nerds and Beyond know that shopping for gifts can be hard. So with the holidays nearly upon us, we’ve got your back with gift suggestions for some of our favorite fandoms/communities dropping all this month.

Today’s gift guide is for those of us who’ve got a friend or family member who is into Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Be they new to the game or a D&D expert, dungeon master, or new player, we’ve got you covered.


DesignsByGabii on Etsy

If there is one gift that every D&D player would be happy to get, this is it. Not only are dice an integral part of the game, but there are a ton of different types and styles. From the standard six-sided die (a.k.a. a D6) that we all know to the D&D standard 20 sided die (a.k.a. a D20), you can buy your favorite D&D enthusiast whole sets of die in just about any style they’d like. From this set of metal die to this potion-themed set to the multitudes of cool resin die sets available on Etsy, you are sure to find a set that they would love. Or, on the off chance you don’t, you can grab a completely custom set from DesignsByGabii for a gift unlike any other.

Dice Storage

DracaenaDraco on Etsy

From bags to boxes to ‘vaults,’ the D&D community has a million and one ways to keep their dice sets together and safe. So if your D&D player already has a large dice collection, dice storage might be the way to go.

There are a lot of options, from bags like this bag of holding that has die pockets and comes in over a dozen patterns or this dragon skin bag (no dragons were harmed in the making of this bag) available in 20 colors, to boxes like this customizable single dice set case or this personalized wooden dice box. You can even find some that are a bit more unique, like this personalized leather case or this awesome D20 shaped dice case.

Dice Tower

Bladon3D on Etsy

Our final recommendation in regards to dice, dice towers are a fun, decorative way for players to roll their die. Generally, towers work by having the player drop their die into the top of the tower, where it navigates obstacles on the way down to give the player a random roll. They come in all shapes and sizes, from literal towers like this one to cross fandom ones like this Tardis one and even more whimsical ones like this hot air balloon one. So, no matter your D&D fan’s taste, you are sure to find a dice roller they will love.

Character Journal

CrowCrownStudio on Etsy

Since D&D is a game that involves creating your own unique characters, players often need to keep track of a lot of details throughout the game. One of the easiest ways to do this is with character sheets or character journals. CrowCrownStudio on Etsy makes a great character journal that includes pages for stat and resources sheets; attacks and spells; equipment and magical items; bio, portrait space, and character details; a page for NPCs and locations; as well as 12 lined pages, six gridded pages, and seven plain pages. It really is a one-stop-shop for any character.

Podcast Merch

High Rollers Podcast

If there is one thing the D&D community does really well, it’s podcasts. They’re a great way for people to enjoy the game even when they themselves aren’t playing, and it’s likely that the D&D fan on your list follows at least one. So, do a bit of sleuthing, find their favorite, and then treat them to some merch from their favorite show. Or if you can’t do the sleuthing, here are a few of our favorite shows whose merch you can check out.

Hopefully, this guide can help you find a great gift for the D&D player on your list, but if you didn’t find your ideal gift here, be sure to check out our other published gift guides. Then check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout November for more of these gift guides.

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