‘Hawkeye’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 “Don’t Meet Your Heroes”


Clint Barton is ready for his spotlight and episodes 1 and 2 of his solo series, aptly named Hawkeye, have finally debuted on Disney+. A holiday event for the ages, Hawkeye is set to follow Clint as he finds himself in a bind right before the holidays after promising his family he’d be home for Christmas. The series is introducing another hero into the mix, too — the Young Avenger Kate Bishop.

Kate Bishop Circa 2012


As a wealthy New York native, Kate Bishop experienced the Battle of New York in 2012 firsthand as a young child. Her penthouse home was destroyed and her father killed during the battle, but as Kate finds herself staring out at the Chitauri filling the skies, she sees a lone archer on the rooftops. And that lone archer saved her life. From that moment forward she feels compelled to protect her mother and herself against any potential future threats, setting up her training in archery, martial arts, gymnastics, and fencing. Her choice of bow and arrow absolutely reflective of seeing Hawkeye atop that building.

A Penchant For Mischief

Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Kate Bishop is proving she’s not one to play by the rules very early in the series, much like her comic self. In her opening scenes, she destroys a clock tower at her college for a bet (after picking a lock to get into the building and onto the roof), however, it proves her aim is nothing short of impeccable. She manages to land an arrow on the rope of the bell, her victory ringing out before the clock tower comes crashing down.

Clint’s Residual Trauma

Marvel Studios

While at a showing of Rogers: The Musical with his three kids in New York City, Clint feels the residual effects of losing his best friend Natasha as he sees her actor counterpart singing and dancing on the stage as they recreate the Battle of New York. Lila tries to get her dad’s attention, and it’s then that Clint’s deafness is finally introduced in the MCU — a long omitted detail. He’s using it to his advantage here avoiding having to listen to the musical rendition of what probably isn’t one of Clint’s best days by keeping his hearing aids off.

“I know what happens, I was there. You know who wasn’t there, is that guy. Ant-Man.”

Clint to Lila

After being spotted and recognized by a child in the audience, Clint needs a breather. He heads to the restroom to only again be recognized and asked for a selfie in what is probably the worst possible place imaginable. After that Clint has had enough and heads outside, only to be met by his three kids moments later. They’ve also had their fill of the musical and the family takes off. They head out to dinner and then make plans to go visit NYC’s Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Their dinner is comped, for Clint’s heroism, and he’s visibly uncomfortable with the attention. If there’s one thing this series is seemingly going to really hone in on is Clint’s dislike of both being recognized and being rewarded for his time as an Avenger. Whether that’s just who is or if it’s a residual effect of him surviving while Nat did not remains to be seen.

A (New) Family Dynamic

Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Kate heads home for the holidays and her mother welcomes her with open arms despite having to pay for the clock tower mishap (credit cards have been canceled as punishment). Eleanor Bishop is dressed to the nines as she prepares to head out to a charity dinner with her partner, Jack Duquesne.

At the event, Jack’s uncle Armand breaks the news to Kate — Jack and her mother are getting married — and he seems as displeased about the impending nuptials as Kate. We learn the relationship progressed quickly (red flag #1) and Kate steps outside to get some air, coming face to face with a stray golden retriever with one eye (yes, it’s exactly who we think it is!).

As Kate heads back inside, she stumbles across Armand and her mother having an argument, ending with Armand lightly threatening Eleanor. Kate pursues Armand through the hallways, takes up the position of waitress to continue her chase (good thing she opted for the black tux versus the red dress her mother wanted her to wear), and ends up in a very strange, very secluded wine cellar that is set up for an auction — a Black Market auction — with both Armand and Jack present.

Before the bidding begins, Armand airs his grievances about Eleanor to Jack, who requests he leave her alone. The first item up for bid? A triceratops skull. Next up, two relics recovered from the Avengers compound rubble — Ronin’s sword and suit. Also confirmed is Clint’s identity as Ronin is still unknown. Both Jack and Armand want that sword. Armand ends up winning, however, before bidding can finish for the suit, a wall gets blown in as a Russian mafia (the Tracksuit Mafia, bro) infiltrates looking for a watch.

Jack ends up with Ronin’s sword. And Kate grabs the suit to get out undetected.

Ronin 2.0

Kate dons the Ronin suit and takes on the Tracksuit Mafia singlehandedly and successfully. The bad news? Now they think she’s the actual Ronin, whose whereabouts have been unknown.

When she gets outside, she spots the one-eyed dog running straight into busy New York City traffic and she saves him from untimely demise (a stark deviation from the comics where it’s Clint who saves everyone’s favorite pooch, Lucky the Pizza Dog.) The pair narrowly escapes, leaving Eleanor panicked about Kate’s whereabouts and condition. They make their way to the safety of Kate’s apartment.

Back at their hotel, the Bartons are ready to turn in for the night. That is until Lila turns on the TV and Clint spots a familiar figure on the news — Ronin. Again, Clint’s residual trauma rears its ugly head. During his time after the Snap not only was he grieving the loss of his entire family and a good portion of his friends, but he committed heinous acts against crime syndicates around the world. Really not his best moments.

Still in her Ronin attire, Kate heads out to finish what she started with Armand but hits a snag. Armand has been brutally murdered in his living room, which is complete with monogrammed butterscotch candies. Another issue? The Tracksuit Mafia has found her. She holds her own against the growing mob, but in the end, she gets a little help from someone. Clint. Who is less than pleased to find just who is under his infamous Ronin mask.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Hawkeye are currently streaming on Disney+. Episode 3 will premiere next Wednesday, December 1. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of the series including deep dives, episodic recaps, and more!

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