Ben Barnes to Release Christmas Music

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Christmas is just around the corner and Ben Barnes is giving his fans a few lovely surprise gifts!

Barnes used Twitter and Instagram to announce that he has some Christmas music in the works! Barnes has partnered with stories, an acoustic type-band that has a rotating cast of singers and musicians. Together they will no doubt bring a fresh take to some classic holiday favorites.

Some may be surprised by this announcement, but for fans of Barnes, this is just the latest update in his exciting growing music career. Barnes recently released his first EP titled Songs For You to immense praise. This EP showcased Barnes’s style of music, a bluesy old school type of vibe, with gorgeous piano mixed in. The sneak peek released showcases Barnes’s amazing vocals singing an acoustic version of “This Christmas.”

After listening to Barnes EP repeatedly, I can say without a doubt that this Christmas music will be added to your holiday playlist. If you haven’t checked out Songs For You yet, I highly recommend it! It can be found on any streaming service. You can read our full review of the EP here.

But, if you thought Christmas music was the only surprise Barnes had up his sleeve, you would be mistaken! A discount code has been released that can be used on merchandise inspired by Barnes’ Songs For You EP. Whether you are buying a gift for someone or treating yourself, there’s something here for everyone. For a small discount, just in time for the holidays, use ‘BBXMAS’ at checkout. There is even a chance to win a zoom call with Ben Barnes himself!

I can hear you all running to the website now. Remember to follow Nerds & Beyond to stay up to date!

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