20 Years of ‘Harry Potter’: The Best Sirius & Remus Movie Moments

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It’s the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone releasing in theaters and we’re celebrating a little by highlighting one of our favorite Potter duos, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

Friends since they were children, and two of the four famed Marauders, Remus and Sirius had a rocky few years, but after the air was cleared they got a glorious two years back together again. Sirius’ death is still one of the worst of the series, but Remus’ was softened by knowing he went to spend eternity with three of his best friends — James, Lily, and Sirius — and his wife, Tonks.

To commemorate two of fan fiction authors’ favorite characters, let’s take a look back at the duo’s best moments.

When Remus Discovers the Truth

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While it’s not shown on screen, we all know what happens after Remus confiscates the Marauder’s Map from Harry in the corridors after he catches him out of bed.

The bombshell about Peter Pettigrew is dropped as Harry pursued him through the castle, after which he told Lupin that the map (which Harry has no idea Remus helped create) was wrong. But Remus knew the map never lies. Not only was this moment important for Sirius, as he finally gained an ally, but Remus learned the truth about his best friend’s innocence. It’s no doubt the last remaining member of the Marauders carried a pang of immense guilt throughout the years about what happened to all four of his best friends, and the relief the Remus must have felt after he put the pieces together was likely unimaginable.

The Reunion

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Audiences (who hadn’t read the books) were thrown for a loop when it was discovered Remus had sided with Sirius, something Professor Snape had mentioned being a possibility earlier in the film. Seeing Remus and Sirius together again, quarreling like an old married couple as Snape said, had us all breathing a sigh of relief once all the dust had settled. Remus was willing to risk his life and reputation to save his best friend from a fate he didn’t deserve and honestly, we all deserve a friendship like theirs.

Thankfully, Harry’s trust in Remus also aided Sirius in getting a few moments to explain his story and in turn, gain Harry’s allegiance as well.

Getting Justice For James, Lily, and Harry

Vengeance is sweet, and it’s even sweeter after 12 years of waiting (in Azkaban!). Sirius and Remus finally got to hand out justice to the reason James and Lily are dead after forcing Pettigrew out of his Animagus form. The truth is revealed, but unfortunately not to anyone who can solve Sirius’ fugitive dilemma. But Harry knows the truth, and so does Remus, which in the end grants Sirius all he needs to still be able to live out the rest of his days.

By the Light of the Moon

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Discovering that James, Sirius, and Peter became Animagi to help Remus with his lycanthropy was one of the most heartwarming Marauder moments we got (because we didn’t get many), and after the Shrieking Shack Sirius was now the last man standing. When the moon bared its shining face on the trio, Sirius, Peter, and unfortunately Remus, Sirius was ready to jump right back into action all these years later to try and help his best friend through these harrowing moments. He saved the trio from Lupin in his unrestrained state, injuring himself gravely in the process.

This moment certainly poses the question of just how often Sirius threw his wellbeing to the wayside to help Remus through a full moon. While Lupin typically had a Wolfsbane potion to help him sleep through his transformation, there had to have been a few instances where something much like what happened on this night was needed.

Back at 12 Grimmauld Place

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After the return of Voldemort a year after Sirius’ escape, the Order of the Phoenix revived itself and was headquartered in Sirius’ ancient childhood home 12 Grimmauld Place. It was here that Sirius was commanded to stay by Dumbledore, due to his status of still being wanted for his escape from Azkaban, and of course, Remus is with him.

While we don’t get any confirmation of it, it’s not a stretch to say these two caught up after 12 years apart. Remus and Sirius, of course, are also valued members of the Order and work alongside the entire organization in an attempt to bring down Voldemort once again.

Fighting Side by Side Again One Last Time

Cue the ugly crying. Sirius and Remus got to fight against the forces of evil one last time together at the Ministry of Magic, this time to do what they couldn’t do the first time: save the Potters (well, just one this time). Sirius breaks Dumbledore’s rule to head out to save his godson, Remus and the Order with him. They proved to be a force to be reckoned with, Sirius with his quick wit and Remus’ steady quiet and skillful presence almost won them the battle. Until Bellatrix landed the spell that broke millions of hearts.

Remus never got to properly grieve in those moments after watching his best friend of three decades slip into the veil, but he knew that Sirius’ place in Harry’s life would need to be filled. And that was a role Remus knew Sirius would want him to take. And he did.

In the end, Harry ended up giving Remus what Remus, and Sirius, had given him when he remained a steadfast presence in the life of Teddy, Remus and Tonks’ son.

Finally, please give us the Marauders era series we’ve been wanting for … well, about 20 years now. Books, a series, a film, we don’t care, anything to quell the need for mischievous content will do. However, until then, a deep dive into the fandom’s incredible Marauder creations will have to do.

The entire Potter film collection is currently available to stream on HBO Max. Stay tuned for more Potter celebrations throughout the week!

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