‘The Shrink Next Door’ Recap: Episode 4 “The Foundation”


Last week in episodes 1-3, Marty and Phyllis went from idyllic siblings to enemies, and Dr. Ike has infiltrated Marty’s life in almost every way while learning the extent of Marty’s wealth. Will Marty press charges on Phyllis for stealing? And is Marty going to start catching on to Ike’s true intentions?

Dr. Ike Becomes a Father

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It’s twin girls for Dr. Ike and Bonnie! Some time has passed since the previous episode, enough time for Bonnie to get pregnant and give birth. While Ike is trying to mask his disappointment in the genders of his children, it’s not hard to see Ike was absolutely wanting a boy. This becomes even more evident when a sandwich platter for 50 gets delivered to the apartment as a pre-order for an anticipated bris ceremony.

A little bit more about Ike’s upbringing was also revealed when Bonnie reminds Ike he doesn’t have to try and impress his father anymore. Clearly, there are some feelings of animosity and inadequacy present in Ike born from his father. This could absolutely be fueling Ike’s fervent need to prove himself as worthy.

Bonnie is overwhelmed, as one would expect, and Ike refuses to hire the nanny Bonnie was recommended to help her. However, Bonnie states she’ll “use her own money” to fund the help, and it raised the question of where Bonnie is getting money? Was Bonnie bestowed a hefty inheritance that Ike is also trying to get his hands on?

Ike’s Hold on Marty Is Still Growing

Ike is still working at AFC as the staff psychologist, and he’s racking up the expenses. Not only is he being paid a full-time salary, but he’s ordered a new fancy coffee maker, has candy for “executives only,” and managed to get himself an office with a very expensive desk. And all of this, again, on Marty’s dime. However, profits are up according to Marty, but the gains in revenue are being offset by Ike’s expenses.

Marty still hasn’t spoken to Phyllis either, and we know it’s been at least nine months since we last met up with Marty, Phyllis, and Ike. In fact, Marty sent Phyllis a birthday card filled with confetti, confetti of her face cut out of every family photo Marty owns. So, needless to say, Ike is still keeping Phyllis and Marty miles apart despite the two being in the same city. He’s threatened by her.

The Yaron Foundation

While we’d like to believe that Ike’s intentions in starting a charitable foundation with Marty are decent, we know they are not. What started as an innocent conversation about legacies turned into Ike swindling Marty into starting a charity foundation, no doubt to help Ike gain notoriety with the upper class.

The pair heads to the bank to begin their venture and even the bank teller is shocked that the foundation will be a 50/50 split after Marty invests over $100,000 compared to Ike’s measly $2,500 that was only given to gain access to the accounts.

This turns out to be the case when Ike persuades (forces) Marty to shell out $6,000 for a table at the Pen Gala, a prestigious event where Ike wants to debut their brand new foundation. In the process, Ike swipes two blank checks from the books and no doubt has ill intentions.

At the event, Ike spends his time flitting from person to person, taking photos, being the over-the-top version of himself Bonnie accused of him being when she declined the invitation to attend with him. He’s so thrilled with being someone he forgets who he is, if he even really knows, and gets so caught up he spends $20,000 in an auction on a signed Mickey Mantle baseball, much to Marty’s dismay. Oddly enough, he’s also listed as a special contributor to the event, raising the question of whether or not one of those swiped checks went to getting his name printed as a beneficiary.

Speaking of the swiped checks, he definitely used one to get his daughters into that prestigious school after making a donation. Will Marty ever figure it out?

Heart Eyes for Hannah

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Marty meets Hannah, and like Marty, it was life at first sight. She’s an employee at the frame store, and her charm and Marty’s chemistry are off the charts. Ike uses Hannah as the nail in the coffin to get Marty to agree to the Pen Gala, and she attends as Marty’s date for the evening. And she catches on to Ike’s nonsense just as quickly, if not faster, than Phyllis did. Marty and Hannah have a great time, but Hannah can see right through Ike and his manipulation, and blatant robbery of Marty at this point.

At the end of the night, after the auction, Marty has a heart attack, landing him in the hospital. After a quick visit with Marty to check in on him, Ike pays Hannah a visit at work to tell her that perhaps she shouldn’t pursue a relationship with Marty anymore. This wasn’t shocking, as Ike clearly sees her as a threat now just as he had Phyllis.

Will Hannah heed Ike’s warning? Or will she try and save Marty from the blatant manipulation?

Episodes 1-4 of The Shrink Next Door are available exclusively on Apple TV+. Episode 5 will release Friday, November 26. Be sure to keep up with our continuing coverage of the series!

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