‘Beyond the Wand’: Tom Felton Announces Memoir


Tom Felton, the beloved actor behind Harry Potter’s teenage bad-boy Draco Malfoy, has announced that he has a memoir being released this fall!

The book is titled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard.

Felton announced the upcoming memoir himself on his socials, in a video addressing his fans.

According to Felton, The book will tell all about his life, from suddenly being thrust into the spotlight as Hogwart’s blondest young wizard to his relationships with fellow cast members.

The synopsis of Beyond the Wand says: 

“Speaking with great candor and his signature humor, Tom shares his experience growing up as part of the wizarding world while also trying to navigate the muggle world. He tells stories from his early days in the business like his first acting gig where he was mistaken for fellow blonde child actor Macaulay Culkin and his Harry Potter audition where, in a very Draco-like move, he fudged how well he knew the books the series was based on (not at all).”

In his announcement video, which he teased on his socials on May 25 before coming clean with his surprise on May 27, Felton had the following to say:

“I’m finally getting the chance to release and announce that I have written a book and it will be coming out this October. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate all of you and I can’t wait for you to read some of the stories that you’ve never heard before from all the various Potter years and everything that came before and after.”

You can check out the full video below.

There’s no doubt that Harry Potter fans will be eager to get their hands on the memoir — stories they’ve never heard before? Felton sure knows how to get Potterheads’ attention!

If that wasn’t enough, he released two snippets from Beyond the Wand to wet our appetites.

At lunchtime we would congregate in the canteen, which was always a fun moment. There was no separation of roles. An electrician would be queuing for his lunch next to a witch and a goblin, then a cameraman, a carpenter and Hagrid.

They called for a break, and Gambon magicked up a cigarette from out of his beard. He and I were often to be found outside the stage door, having ‘a breath of fresh air’, as we referred to it. There would be painters and plasterers and chippies and sparks, and among them all would be me and Dumbledore having a crafty cigarette.

Felton isn’t the first Harry Potter actor to have become an author. Evannah Lynch (the unforgettable Luna Lovegood), and Bonny Wright (Ginny Weasley), already have books out to purchase, and Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) has several, including a novel and a play.

Beyond the Wand is due to be released in hardcover and digitally on October 13, 2022 in the UK, and then five days later, on October 18, in the US. In the UK the book will be published by Ebury Spotlight, and in the US by Grand Central Publishing.

There will also be a simultaneously published audiobook version, read by Felton himself, published by Penguin Random House Audio in the UK, and Hachette Audio in the US.

Beyond the Wand is available for preorder now in both the US and the UK.

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