‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 2 “Storm of Fuck”

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This week on Dexter: New Blood, the town has already missed Matt Caldwell. The search is underway, and Jim’s cabin is the home base for Iron Lake PD. Meanwhile, Harrison sheds some light on where he’s been. Additionally, a new baddie enters the picture. Read on to find out what happens in “Storm of Fuck.”

Warning: A trail of spoilers lay beyond this point. Tread carefully.

One (Blood) Track Mind

We pick up where last week ended: Jim notices the blood trail and is now trying to cover it with snow. (Don’t eat the red snow, kids.) Shortly after, Iron Lake PD arrives. Angela fills him in, explaining that Matt went missing in the woods. You know, the woods right near Jim’s cabin. So, because his cabin is in potential crime scene territory, ILPD uses his property as a home base for their search party (*chuckles nervously*). Oh, and Harrison and Angela meet.

While the search is underway around the grounds, Jim and Harrison head into the woods in Jim’s RTV. But instead of looking for Matt, Jim follows his left-behind blood trail, swerving over spots to hide it from Harrison. Soon, Harrison spots the buck. Once they reach it, Jim sends Harrison to tell the others, claiming no cell service.

dexter new blood episode 2
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

Jim tries to find the source of the trail. He discovers a sharp rock that Matt hit his head on as he fell. Meanwhile, Deb watches on, cackling because she thinks he’s being ridiculous about Harrison. She’s convinced Harrison will find out about Dexter eventually; there’s no use trying to hide it. She continues by adding that Harrison would be better off without Jim in his life.

Jim continues to cover his tracks. With one of Matt’s gloves in tow, he heads towards the edge of the highway and strategically plants the glove. On his way back, he notices a group of Seneca people examining the buck. As he joins them, Jim emphasizes that only Matt could have done this. Harrison returns with Angela, Teddy, and Logan in tow. They get the “Matt did it” spiel, but Angela isn’t quite ready to pin the blame. Frustrated, one of the Seneca people, Abraham, reminds Angela about someone named Iris. Shortly after, Fred appears with Matt’s glove. Jim’s cover-up is going swimmingly.

Show Me What I’m Looking For

dexter new blood episode 2
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The search for Matt begins. Angela gives everyone their assignments, and Logan mentions that she didn’t assign anyone to Seneca land. She tells him it’s because she doesn’t want locals swarming the reservation. Jim notes that that’s where the buck was killed. So, he volunteers himself and Harrison to go search instead. A little later, Jim, Angela, and Logan bring the buck to Gig (the town’s butcher), who fishes out the slug from the gun. They confirm it matches the bullets Jim sold to Matt. Though little doubt is left that Matt shot the buck, Angela still wants to run it against Matt’s gun (when they find it) to officially confirm.

Meanwhile, Teddy breaks a drone they were going to use to scan the grounds from the sky. This leads Angela to pay a visit to Edward Olsen (at his obnoxious mansion), where she asks to use a helicopter to help search. He agrees to the request, then brings up Audrey, the protest, and how her generation’s worldview is skewed. Angela patiently takes this in stride. However, Olsen continues. He reminds Angela of all the charitable work he’s done for the Seneca people before finally agreeing to the helicopter.

After taking a break, everyone regroups. Some of the high schoolers, including Audrey, join the search. Harrison joins them. But rather than help, they head to a cabin at Roaring Forks Camp. While they go, Angela soon receives confirmation that the glove was Matt’s, essentially confirming Matt probably went on the run. They can stop the search. Regardless, she’s adamant about informing Matt’s father anyway. The kids return and Angela is fuming. Audrey, also frustrated, throws Iris in Angela’s face, the second person to do so.

As everyone packs up for the evening, someone in a pickup truck pulls up. It’s Kurt Caldwell, Matt’s father. Angela fills him in on the running theory as Jim listens. Kurt refuses to hear it. He swears up and down that Matt would’ve called him if he was in trouble. They need to keep searching. He addresses the remaining crowd. After a brief rousing speech, Angela concedes. Kurt doesn’t want any stone unturned. Funny, as the ones part of the fire pit they’re standing near are right above where Jim buried Matt’s body.

Harrison’s Past

dexter new blood episode 2
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This week, we learn what Harrison’s been up to. And it’s upsetting, to say the least. First, Harrison explains to Jim how he wound up in Iron Lake. Three years ago, Hannah died. Prior to her death, Harrison found a letter that Dexter sent to Hannah years earlier, which is how Harrison knew he was still alive. Cue a social worker moving Harrison from Argentina to Miami. But with no living relatives, Harrison bounced around foster homes. He tracked Jim to Oregon (where season 8 ended). But, of course, he wasn’t there. Finally, thanks to a photo, Harrison learned Jim was in Iron Lake.

Later, during the search, a little more of Harrison’s history comes out. Audrey’s group begins to smoke, offering Harrison some. He declines. He has a bad history with drugs, but now he’s clean. Harrison wiggles out of a heavy conversation about his past, leaving to get firewood. While he’s gone, Scott and Zach rifle through his backpack. Briefly, we see a flash of a notebook filled with drawings. It’s a small but insightful glance into Harrison.

Jim Lindsay, the Not-Quite Father of the Year

dexter new blood episode 2
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Now that he’s reunited with his son, Jim begins trying to engage Dad Mode. It’s not so easy, though. Harrison is angry (naturally). Jim tries to explain why he disappeared. He tells Harrison that Dexter Morgan needed to die. Only, he avoids saying why. (For now…) After Harrison explains, he heads to the bathroom while Jim begins grabbing stuff to set up the couch. Deb, however, isn’t thrilled to see her nephew. In fact, she’s positively incensed. While Jim tries to get everything done, Deb berates him. She thinks that having Harrison around is a bad idea. Additionally, she says that if Dexter doesn’t kill Harrison, he’ll severely mess him up. She even goes so far as to force a bullet down his throat to drive the point home. (Whew, feeling alright, Jim?)

By the episode’s end, things are still a little awkward, but it starts to resolve. Instead of the couch, Jim sets up a small room for Harrison. Shortly after, Harrison brings up the letter, which he happens to have with him. He reads a portion where Dexter told Hannah to reach out if Harrison showed “dark tendencies.” Harrison, on the verge of tears, reveals that all this time, he thought Dexter left him because of something innately wrong within him. Jim emphasizes that’s not why. Without giving everything away, he explains that he has his own demons. He was scared that he would hurt Harrison. So, he left. Harrison shares his anger, and Jim understands. Finally, Harrison agrees to stay. For a while, at least.

The Monsters Are Due in Iron Lake

This episode introduces the real big bad, though no one yet knows. Interspersed throughout are brief scenes of a girl in a hotel room. It’s Lily, the girl Angela met in the previous episode. She enjoys her solace, indulging in champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. (Well, until it all comes back up, anyway.) Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Someone set up a camera in her room and has been watching her. All we see is an eye; this mystery perv is yet to be revealed. Eventually, Lily spots the camera, along with an incredibly creepy and ominous message written just underneath: “You’re already dead.”

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • When Angela and Jim take a break from the search, she broaches the subject of Harrison. Jim anticipates the worst. It turns out Angela is glad to know about Harrison. She gets Jim not sharing everything about his past. In turn, she tells him Audrey is adopted. Angela becomes excited they can talk parenting together. She assures Jim that Harrison will love Iron Lake.
  • Iris is clearly an important person from Angela’s past. The context suggests she went missing. But who is she to Angela?
  • We learn Jim is part of a bowling team in Iron Lake, too. This is a nice callback to Dexter’s team in Miami, Bowl Till You Bleed. 
  • During some father-son bonding with the goats, Harrison tells Jim that he and Hannah had goats (and other animals) in Argentina. One was even named Vincent Van Goat! So, it sounds as though Hannah got that farm she wanted.

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