‘Space Jam’: Celebrate the 25th Anniversary in Style


November 15, 1996, marked the release of the beloved film Space Jam, and now 25 years later, we’re celebrating the anniversary of the Tune Squad defeating the Monstars in an epic basketball showdown.

WarnerMedia Global Brands and Experience has announced an exciting collection of 90s inspired merch, and we have all the details! Apologies in advance for how old this will make you feel. (We’re right there with you.)

Space Jam‘s cultural impact is undeniable, even to this day. It continues to spark nostalgia and excitement for all those who continue to share their love of the iconic film. For those looking for a re-watch in celebration of the anniversary, you’re in luck; the film is available to stream on HBO Max, where a new generation can fall in love with a bunch of those ‘Looney Tunes,’ all while the older generations can rekindle the magic that first brought this film into their lives 25 years ago.

The film earned $230M at the box office at launch and became the No. 1 grossing basketball film of all time, influencing everything from fast food to fashion and redefining movie merchandising. Its soundtrack was a best-seller and went platinum six times. It was also one of the first to have a dedicated promotional website. Today, that very website remains untouched, a homage to the early internet and a testament to the brand’s enduring appeal to audiences across multiple generations.

Inviting fans everywhere to join the jam and celebrate this iconic film, the Space Jam 25th anniversary offerings include:

NTWRK has released their Space Jam ‘96 fashion collection, including brand new Space Jam rugs by Rugtomize, along with an exclusive Space Jam print designed by artist Aaron Kai.

Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes Shop is offering fans a variety of all-new Space Jam-inspired apparel by unveiling the fourth drop in its popular ACME Intern collection, featuring original designs inspired by the film. Among the must-have items, fans can purchase a t-shirt with artwork of the original Space Jam website’s homepage.

DJ Steve Aoki’s fashion and music label, Dim Mak, recently launched Dim Mak x Space Jam 96, a limited-edition streetwear capsule featuring 90s inspired tees and hoodies in bright tie-dyes and featuring the Looney Tunes squad.

DJ Steve Aoki

Comic book fans can also download a free Space Jam 25th anniversary comic book from DC on the Stellar Souvenirs page of the original Space Jam website. In this new story, the Looney Tunes have settled into their stardom following the events of the original film. That is, until Marvin the Martian decides to take a trip home where he discovers a new plot by mastermind Swackhammer to unleash the Nerdlucks and Monstars upon Earth once again.  

Nifty’s “Starting 5” Challenge will let fans own a special piece of Space Jam history. Beginning on November 15, Nifty’s will encourage fans to collect as many Tune Squad or Goon Squad NFT’s from Space Jam: A New Legacy as they can before January 13, 2022. Collectors who hold five or more NFT’s on January 14, 2022, will be eligible to receive a limited edition Monstar NFT.

Fans can also enjoy iconic 90s tunes when they purchase the recently reissued vinyl edition of the multi-platinum soundtrack Space Jam (music from and inspired by the motion picture), released by Rhino Entertainment. Available as a 14-track double-LP on 180-gram, red and black vinyl for $34.98.

House of Highlights has unveiled an upcoming collaboration with Dustin O. Canalin (DOC) in honor of the Space Jam 25th Anniversary, with the Looney Tunes re-imagining some of the most iconic moments in basketball history; launching on November 23!

Space Jam is currently available on Digital and 4K Ultra HD via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The film also received a special 25th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray release earlier this year, and an exclusive Space Jam double feature box set is available nationwide. 

Below we’ve included a gallery of some of the merchandise you can grab over at the Looney Tunes Shop:

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