‘The Shrink Next Door’ Recap: Episode 3 “The Treatment”

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Dr. Ike has begun to show his true colors. Marty isn’t in tune to his manipulative ways, but Phyllis is. Ike’s abuse of Marty has already begun. How will it continue?

Ike vs. Phyllis

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This episode was all about Ike versus Phyllis, both in Marty’s mind and in real life. Ike continues to put a wedge between the siblings, turning up the heat in Marty’s session. We learn that Marty is in charge of his and Phyllis’ trust fund and that Phyllis has borrowed a few times already. This time, she needs funds to hire a lawyer to aid in her divorce. While this seems like a reasonable request, her soon-to-be-ex has hired a pretty decent representative himself. Ike plants the seed in Marty’s mind that Phyllis is using him. A seed that will continue to grow.

When Marty hires Ike to come and motivate the staff at AFC, Phyllis knows immediately that it’s Ike and is less than pleased. She knows this is serious boundary-crossing for a therapist and his patient, but Marty isn’t having it. While Ike is trying to get AFC’s small team ready to help Marty with the job he’d gotten him with Jesus Christ Superstar, Phyllis shoots down all of Ike’s inflated ideas, but Marty doesn’t. This ends up biting him in the rear when, on opening night, Ike and Marty discover that live flames are being used with their not fully flame retardant drapes, something Phyllis said wouldn’t work in their favor.

An Insight Into Phyllis

We got a lot more details on Phyllis this episode, mostly thanks to her “session” with Ike. She was abandoned by her husband, who she supported through his business venture, even going as far as putting her own aspirations on hold. Ike, while his intentions may not have been great, is ever insightful and points out that Phyllis is always trying to take care of everyone else around her, and never herself. Her father was never supportive or appreciative of her, causing her to have a slew of issues of her own.

Phyllis isn’t dumb either, she catches on quickly when she realizes that Ike is going to try and manipulate Marty into completely nixing her from the family business. She gives him a fair warning, which I doubt he’ll heed.

The Trust Fund Guardianship Backfires

Ike successfully convinces Marty that Phyllis is using her brother for funds, which we know isn’t the truth. But Marty is all in on Dr. Ike. He doesn’t show to the meeting to get Phyllis her funds, instead listening to what Dr. Ike told him about her using him for support.

Phyllis is obviously feeling very betrayed and is no doubt hit a low point of desperation. After Marty’s abandonment, Phyllis steals every last heirloom in Marty’s safe, no doubt to sell to cover her divorce costs. Turns out, it’s about half a million dollars worth of goods. Whether Phyllis always had the intent to steal when first entering Marty’s apartment or simply snapped when she saw reminders of his budding friendship with Ike all around his apartment is a question we hope is answered. No doubt she’s feeling very betrayed by someone who had always loved and valued her.

Is her anger at Marty based upon how he’s allowing himself to be manipulated by this doctor, or because she feels she may be losing him?

We’re On To You Dr. Ike

If Ike’s manipulation of Marty was ever a question, it becomes very clear here in episode 3. Throughout this episode, Ike learns the extent of the fortune Marty has. From learning about the trust to Marty taking Ike with him to the Hampton summer home where he lets details fly about Zurich accounts, bonds, and more safes filled with valuables as they inventory things Phyllis may be gunning for next, Ike is seeing what a literal gold mine Marty is. Along with that, Marty has officially brought Ike on to the AFC payroll as a consultant, hoping that the business will continue to flourish under Ike’s guidance.

In episode 2, we learned that Ike grew up rather poor, and he is no doubt seeing what he can strip from Marty if he continues this relationship with him. Oddly enough, the house we see Ike hosting a party in the opening scenes of the series seems to be the very Hampton home Marty and Ike run to in the closing scenes here in this episode.

Another interesting exchange was between Ike and Bonnie, where Bonnie is hoping Ike will approve of her desire to go back to school. Despite Ike’s need for wealth and fame, he’s completely unsupportive of Bonnie’s desires. We see Ike tap into this same kind of misogynistic mindset when he speaks with Marty about Phyllis. While Ike keeps Bonnie down beneath his thumb, it would seem that he’s aiming to have Marty do the same with his sister.

Episodes 1-3 of The Shrink Next Door are now available exclusively on Apple TV+. Episode 4 premieres next Friday, November 19. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of the series!

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