‘Dexter: New Blood’: Questions We Need Answered in the Premiere Episode

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Over a year after the initial announcement, the Dexter: New Blood premiere is only days (DAYS) away. Fans have seen promotional photos, trailers, and teasers galore from the show’s official social media accounts. So, with all those cryptic teasers, it’s safe to say we have a LOT of questions. Of course, we won’t get every single answer to every single question right away. But naturally, we will get a few from the get-go. Read on for some of the questions we hope to get answers to in the premiere episode.

How did Dexter survive driving his boat into a hurricane?

The last time viewers saw Dexter, he drove his boat straight into Hurricane Laura. His boat was discovered in pieces. Though we know Dexter survived (obviously), we still don’t know how. Perhaps he jumped ship and swam in the nick of time. However he did it, it’d be nice to get a solid explanation.

What’s he been doing between the final moments of the season 8 finale and now?

dexter new blood premiere
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There are a couple of things we know about Dexter’s activities: 1) For a certain period of time, he was a lumberjack. 2) He now lives in upstate New York, works in a fish and game store, has a girlfriend, and has begun therapy. But there’s still a big empty space of time that got him from point A to point B that remains a mystery. I’m sure we’re all also wondering if Dexter is actively a serial killer (and if he is, does he kill less frequently?) or if he truly made an effort to stop killing.

Does he regret what he did?

Dexter went through a LOT in the last episode. And all during a hurricane. For a while, he was on track to go to Argentina with Harrison and Hannah. He delayed his departure after learning Deb was critically injured. Unfortunately, her injury proved fatal, and she was essentially brain dead. In response, Dexter removes her from life support and gives her a burial at sea. He then speaks to Hannah and Harrison one last time before driving his boat into the hurricane. Though he lives, he instead chooses not to reunite with Hannah and Harrison, and he’s presumed dead.

Dexter was clearly feeling a lot of things during this chain of events. He’s also had a lot of time to stew on what happened. As much as I want to know what’s he been up to, I really want to know how he feels about everything that happened. Does he regret killing his sister even though it was probably better for her in the grand scheme? And what about Harrison and Hannah? He cared about both but still ultimately decided to leave them. Does he still believe they’re better off without him, or does he wish he had reacted differently?

How long has Deb been living in Dexter’s brain?

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Debra Morgan died in the season 8 finale, but she still lives on. With Jennifer Carpenter’s return came the big “HOW?” regarding what the show will do to resurrect her. Well, it’s likely she’ll take the place of Harry as Dexter’s “conscience.” Harry stayed with Dexter for quite some time. So, how long has Deb been with Dexter? I’m curious to learn if she appeared not too long after she died, or if she’s a recent development and popped up with the inevitable return of Dexter’s dark urges.

How did Dexter and Angela meet, and how long have they been together?

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Nothing screams love like a serial killer and his Chief of Police girlfriend. Of course, Angela probably has no idea how Dexter really used to spend his free time. Meanwhile, Dexter just can’t seem to stay away from the police. So, how did what should be an unlikely pairing happen? We know Dexter can sustain long-term relationships. But now that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf, how does his relationship with Angela differ from his previous ones? (Besides the fact that she’s not dead or a serial poisoner…)

How much does Dexter know about the main case?

The case at the center of the show is a missing persons case much more complicated than people simply going missing. According to the description for episode 2, Dexter’s cabin becomes the base for a search and rescue team. But when you’re dating the Chief of Police, surely the knowledge doesn’t begin when your home is overrun. I don’t doubt Dexter knows something about what’s going on. Even if he wasn’t dating Angela, he’s a smart guy. If (and most likely when) the case is introduced in the premiere, will Dexter reveal – whether through his narration or otherwise – just how much he knows?

What’s Kurt Caldwell’s deal?

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Kurt is the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake, so this guy must hold quite a bit of sway with the community. Whether this sway is good or bad is yet to be seen. Does he project a friendly aura that few see through, or does the town fear him? He’s also the big bad of the series. Thus, following the trend of Dexter, Kurt is highly likely the suspect Iron Lake PD is searching for with their main case. Is Dexter on to him yet?

What brought Molly to Iron Lake?

One character I’m especially intrigued by is Molly, a famous true-crime podcaster from LA. If she’s introduced in the first episode, I’m curious to learn about why she’s in Iron Lake. We already know she’s there for the primary case. However, I find it hard to believe that’s solely why. If she’s made a big name for herself, she must have a wealth of true crime knowledge. So, maybe something else also led her to Iron Lake, like, say… something related to Dexter (aka the Bay Harbor Butcher)? Or maybe she stumbles across some interesting information. Should she be there for Dexter-related reasons, it’s doubtful the show would give anything away so early in the season. But I think there will be much more to her story.

Will we hear that iconic “Tonight’s the night” open the episode?

Most Dexter fans will remember those three words that first opened the series. It also opened seasons 2 and 4. What better way to usher in Dexter’s triumphant return than to open New Blood with the first lines he ever spoke?

Rapid Fire Questions for Harrison Morgan

dexter new blood premiere
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There’s a lot to look forward to with this revival. Nothing is quite as exciting, though, as the return of Harrison Morgan, now a teen. The last we saw of Harrison, he was a 4-year-old boy Argentina bound with Hannah. And they arrived safely. Unlike Dexter, it’s much more difficult to fill in the blanks with Harrison. So, we have a few questions for him:

  • How was Argentina? Did Hannah take good care of you?
  • Did Hannah tell you about your dad’s presumed death all those years ago? When did you find out it wasn’t true?
  • Why did you decide to find Dexter now?
  • Are you angry at him for leaving you?
  • Do you know how Rita died?
  • Do you… have a Dark Passenger?

Dexter: New Blood premieres Sunday, November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Stay tuned for our review and weekly recaps. Find the rest of our coverage here.

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