‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Summer School: Chapter Ten”


We are getting down to the final episodes of DC’s Stargirl‘s second season and in “Summer School: Chapter Ten,” a truth about the JSA is revealed. Meanwhile, Pat, Courtney and Jennie try to get the black diamond back together but it could spell trouble and Beth gets closer to cracking the code about Dr. McNider.

Keep reading to find out the biggest moments from this week’s DC’s Stargirl!

The truth about Bruce Gordon and the JSA

The Justice Society of America isn’t all good, as it’s revealed that the JSA ended up killing Bruce Gordon. Starman had brought Pat along in hopes that there could be a chance to save him but instead it took a different direction. While Pat did forgive Starman since he didn’t want anything to destroy their chosen family, in the present, Courtney is not so forgiving. Pat and Barbara tell Courtney and Mike, who are not so happy about what happened. Though Pat says Eclipso wants to divide them.

Pat tells Courtney that Dr. McNider had just lost his daughter and Eclipso was threatening the JSA’s families. Everyone was scared and thought they were out of options. They thought the people they loved were going to die. Pat didn’t stop them. If Pat didn’t keep the secret, Yolanda would have known she wasn’t the first member of the JSA to take a life and regret it. Pat keeps apologizing to Courtney, but not even a thousand apologies would be able to change it.

What is The Shade up to?

Boris Martin/The CW

The Shade comes crashing into the Whitmore-Dugan house and it seems like he’s not doing so good. The Shade admits that he’s dying, but he also tells them how to defeat Eclipso. If they fuse the black diamond back together, they can imprison him once again. Pat doesn’t trust him, and for good reason, too.

Protecting Barbara and Mike while with The Shade, Beth uses the goggles to try to get more information to find out what is really going on with him. She’s able to connect to Dr. McNider through the goggles and he tells her that The Shade saved him.

“The Shade may have toyed with playing the role of supervillain for his amusement, but I don’t think he ever wanted any part in killing us.”

McNider assumes that while The Shade was trying to save him, he was pulled into the Shadowlands by accident. She figures that if The Shade put him in there, maybe he can help get him out. Beth has McNider pull up all the files on Eclipso and she starts reading.

Jennie in the sky with the black diamond

Boris Martin/The CW

Pat and Courtney take a road trip to find Jennie, seeing that her ring is the only thing that will be able to fuse the black diamond back together. Thanks to Pat’s lead, they find her at the JSA HQ in Civic City, albeit an awkward drive. Well, they find that she’s been staying there and find out that she’s been looking for her brother. Courtney and Pat find Jennie at the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation and she reveals that her powers got out of control when she was trying to find information on her brother. They comfort her to calm her down and Jennie admits that her brother vanished from the institute the previous week.

“You’d do anything to protect your family. You just do.”

Back at HQ, Courtney catches Jennie up on the JSA history as Pat gets the black diamond pieces together. While it won’t help Yolanda and Rick right away, imprisoning Eclipso is a start. Jennie begins trying to fuse the pieces together but at the same time, The Shade wakes up, his eyes black, and Beth figures out what fusing the pieces together will really do. She warns Barbara that The Shade lied. Restoring the diamond means connecting our world to the Shadowlands. Indeed it does, The Shade says, now able to access his powers again and to heal. He apologizes to Barbara and vanishes away. Beth tells Barbara that putting the diamond back together won’t trap Eclipso. It will summon him.

Hansel and Gretel IRL?

While listening to the radio, Mike hears that a pink arc has formed in the sky and when he rides up to the scene, it’s literal gumdrops and candy canes leading to a candy-covered house straight out of a storybook. Mike figures it’s only the work of Thunderbolt.

Welcome to the Shadowlands

With Eclipso now free, Pat, Jennie and Courtney try to fight him, but Pat and Jennie soon get knocked out. Eclipso drags Courtney to the Shadowlands and Pat tries to save her but she slips out of his hands.

Check out photos from next week’s episode here and make sure to watch DC’s Stargirl on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW!

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