‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “Summer School: Chapter 9”

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This week on DC’s Stargirl, we finally learn the truth of what transpired the first time the original JSA faced Eclipso, and it shows why Pat is so afraid of him. The Flash’s John Wesley Shipp makes his debut, and Eclipso continues his reign of terror via nightmares. Read on to find out what happened in “Summer School: Chapter 9”!

Stormy Weather

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Elsewhere in Blue Valley, everyone is dealing with the new severe weather popping up courtesy of Eclipso. As Mike begins to prep for the storm on Pat’s orders, he is confronted with a hallucination courtesy of Eclipso. Cameron arrives at the Whitmore house and taunts Mike about his absent mother and how he will never really be a part of the JSA. Fake-Cameron even kills Buddy before Courtney arrives. Realizing Mike is trapped in a dream, she uses the staff to break the spell (and the dog is fine, everyone!).

Icy Conditions

Barbara also faces down a vision as she rushes to get home. Her car breaks down and is slowly covered in ice as Jordan appears. He tells her he will hurt her as Barbara tries to tell herself it’s all a hallucination. Suddenly, The Shade appears, confirming her belief that this isn’t real. He tells her to start the car, and she finds she can as the ice disappears.

Blast From the Past

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As Blue Valley faces Eclipso’s return, Pat must face the past. While Courtney and Beth just want Eclipso gone, angry at what has happened to their friends, Pat knows the cost associated with getting rid of Eclipso.

We start with a flashback to Rebecca McNider’s funeral. Her parents are understandably distraught, and this has an effect on Pat. He and Sylvester talk about how to defeat Eclipso when The Shade shows up. Sylvester goes to talk to him leaving Pat alone. Later, Sylvester shares that The Shade told him that the only way to get rid of Eclipso is to kill his host: Bruce Gordon. If Bruce dies, Eclipso is forced into the Black Diamond. As long as no one ever touches it again, Eclipso is powerless. Both are disturbed by this, as the one rule the JSA held fast to was to not take a life. Sylvester vows to find another way.

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Starman, Flash, Wildcat, and Hourman go to Pat later, having hit a dead end. They take a vote on whether to kill Bruce to defeat Eclipso. Many of the JSA members are exhausted, having lost Freelancer, the Spectre, Dr. Fate, and the Hawks to Eclipso already. Pat feels strongly that the JSA should not be a part of killing Bruce, and Flash agrees with him. But Sylvester makes the deciding vote to kill Bruce. While Flash refuses to participate, Sylvester tells Pat he needs him.

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We realize that the flashbacks are Eclipso getting into Pat’s head as Courtney saves him with the staff. Pat tells her the rest of the story. Pat waited outside Gordon’s home while the rest of the JSA killed Bruce. Sylvester never talked about what happened that night, and it was ultimately what broke the JSA apart for good even before the ISA arrived. Sylvester never talked about what happened that night. Courtney is angry he kept this from her, and he also reveals that Barbara knew this secret. This causes Courtney to confront Barbara as we see creepy kid Bruce laugh outside the Whitmore house.

DC’s Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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