‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Summer School: Chapter 8”

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In this week’s episode of DC’s Stargirl, Eclipso finds two more victims in Beth and Rick as he makes their worst nightmares a vivid reality. The show adds even more horror and shows that Eclipso is the most terrifying threat the JSA has faced. What does this mean for the rest of the season? Read on to see what happened in “Summer School: Chapter 8”!

Courtney Struggles

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After last week’s episode, Yolanda has officially decided to resign from the JSA and give up her role as Wildcat. At the start of the episode, Yolanda drops off her Wildcat suit at Courtney’s house as Courtney resolves to convince her friend to rejoin the JSA. Mike blames Eclipso and wants Courtney to go after the villain to bring the JSA back together. But losing Yolanda is a tough blow, especially since “Cosmo,” her staff, isn’t at full power. She admits to Pat that she feels useless, and it’s clear Courtney isn’t sure how to help her friends.

Rick Gives In to Eclipso

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At the start of the episode, Miss Woods goes to Rick to apologize for what happened between them. She offers him college brochures and advice, telling him that she also used college to escape a tough life. But Matt interrupts, making fun of Rick’s plans. Rick goes to visit Solomon Grundy, and it’s clear he wants to give the monster a chance to become good because he sees himself as a monster. Grundy listens sympathetically (or at least, he appears to).

But Eclipso has plans for Rick. As Rick leaves, he hears two hunters talking about killing a bear. When Rick investigates to try to protect Grundy after calling Courtney and Pat for back-up, the hunters tell him a young girl is missing and potentially injured. Rick doesn’t want to believe Grundy could be behind it and rushes to find the girl. He sees Grundy standing by the edge of the water with the girl’s body lying in the river, his hands covered in blood. Enraged, Rick activates the hourglass as Courtney and Pat arrive. Grundy leaves with Rick in pursuit, but when Pat goes to the girl’s body, it turns out to be Rebecca McNider.

Courtney and Pat rush after Rick, who is beating Grundy to a pulp. But when Courtney uses the staff to knock Rick away, the illusion is broken. Rick wasn’t attacking Grundy: he was attacking Matt, and Matt is critically injured. Grundy didn’t hurt anyone, and everything Rick saw was an illusion. As a horrified Rick shatters the hourglass, the police arrive and arrest him for assault as Pat and Courtney look on, unable to help.

Beth Faces Her Fears

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But Eclipso didn’t just target Rick. Beth also had a showdown with the villain, but her battle ended in a better place for the new Dr. Mid-Nite. As the episode begins, Beth finally reaches Dr. McNider, and the two talk about her use of the goggles. He reveals that he has a pair of goggles that are linked to hers, and that he is in The Shadowlands. The signal cuts out before he can say more.

Beth makes her way downstairs, where her parents finally talk to her about the divorce. But something is off. Her parents begin to blame Beth’s birth for their marital struggles, and Beth sees maggots in her food (classic horror movie move that never fails to gross me out). She rushes to the Whitmore house, where creepy kid/Eclipso stand-in Bruce is waiting. Bruce unleashes a racist and sexist tirade at Beth that is designed to make her feel less than. He points out that all the other JSA members were chosen whereas she wasn’t chosen by anyone. But Beth is able to resist his illusions and fights back using the goggles. As she pushes Eclipso out of her head, she tells him exactly what she thinks of his abhorrent worldview.

“Is that what you need me to do? Give into my worst fear, that I’m an outsider? Because I won’t. I’m strong, I’m proud … and I chose myself to be Doctor Mid-Nite. I chose me. Oh, and I love being Black! … I’m the new Doctor Mid-Nite.”

Beth’s parents arrive home, and Beth tells them about how she feels like an outsider and that she’s trying to be someone she’s not. Beth’s mother discusses her experiences as Blue Valley’s first Black doctor and reassures Beth that she is good enough just the way she is.

Hell Freezes Over

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While Pat and Courtney are out trying to help Rick, Barbara fills Mike in on Eclipso’s visions. Mike wants to know how they can help, and Barbara tells him they just have to be there for Courtney and Pat. As they hug, the Whitmore house is covered in ice …

DC’s Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find our other coverage of the series here!

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