‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Angels of the Silences”

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Roswell, New Mexico delivered another heart pumping episode filled with mystery and drama! Let’s break down what we learned in season 3, episode 10 “Angels of the Silences.”

Dallas Learns The Truth

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The plan to tell Dallas the truth involved a calm discussion with Isobel and Kyle who would give scientific evidence to help Dallas understand. Of course, things never go to plan. Kyle gets arrested, Dallas gets suspicious, and Isobel is forced to tell Dallas the truth on her own. Dallas unsurprisingly doesn’t handle the news well (even though Isobel made a cute junkyard smiley face as demonstration). Things aren’t helped with Michael and Alex arrive with the Lockhart Box which has been flashing in Dallas’ mind every 47 days his whole life. We can’t even blame him for high tailing it out of there.

After Isobel’s fail, Michael finds Dallas at the lake and shares, “When I look at you I feel like I’m looking in a mirror.” It’s Michael who gets through to him, ultimately convincing Dallas to trust them. Back at the junkyard, Michael, Isobel, Kyle, and Alex fill Dallas in. Kyle believes the messed up frequency (thanks Jesse Manes) caused Dallas’ brain damage. The box holds the key to defeating an evil dictator and saving lives. Dallas, finding a peace in knowing the truth about himself, agrees to hear the message.

The Lockhart Machine’s Message

The season long mystery box has finally revealed its message! With Dallas now ready to hear the message (we love a show of consent), he sees a message from the consciousness of his father, Theo. The third in the triad of machine builders, Theo imparts some knowledge on Dallas. Firstly, the equation they need is embedded into Dallas’ consciousness (finally, we have the math!). Second, Jones must never have this information. While it severs the connection it will also mean his reign of terror could continue forever. No pressure right? He also tells Dallas to “trust in your triad,” together they can defeat Jones.

What a nice bow on this awesome storyline, right? Nope, two minutes before the end of the episode Dallas tells Kyle (in confidence) about the final message. “If we can’t separate Max from his destiny, the responsibility falls to me. I’ll have to be the one to kill him.” So not only do we get to worry about Kyle’s safety, our fears for Max have been renewed tenfold!

The Hunt For Heath

John Golden Britt/The CW

After the huge reveal that Heath not only knows about aliens but stole Liz’s research, much of this week’s episode is spent with Liz and Max hunting him down. Throughout we learn that Dallas and Heath are best friends and Heath tries to help Dallas with his abilities and “attacks” (from the Lockhart Machine). Dallas learns that this is causing brain damage of some kind, and Heath is now operating under the belief that Dallas is dying. Knowing this, it’s slightly easier to forgive Heath for making a deal with the actual devil to save his best friend’s life. Teaming up with Jones, Heath need only find the correct formula to sever the connection.

Thankfully, Liz and Max find him before he can piece everything together. She tells Heath she can help Dallas, he doesn’t need to side with Jones and he readily joins her and Max. Of course, we find out a few minutes later that Max is actually Jones and they are taken hostage (because we aren’t stressed enough already) along with the Sheriff.

The New Sheriff’s Gets Nosy

John Golden Britt/The CW

There’s a new Sheriff in town and she’s more than a little suspicious of Max, Isobel, Kyle … well pretty much everyone involved with our favorite aliens. Taylor has a keen eye and pieces together the type of burn marks on all of Jones’ victims, the burn marks in the getaway car, the electrical issues in the past and surmises that Max is at minimum, a suspect. The Sheriff suspends Max, which is a minor inconvenience at this point. She also arrives at Kyle’s office, warrant in hand, to get details on his whereabouts and the file on Max and Isobel. Kyle, bless him, burns the files before she can seize them and gets arrested for his efforts.

Later that night however, Taylor gets quite the shock. She’s just tased and handcuffed Max inside but runs outside to find Jones about to take Liz and Heath hostage. Jones uses her, forcing Liz to choose between cooperating and the Sheriff’s death. Of course Liz agrees to save her life! Jones does force her to shoot herself in the leg (the sadistic creep) but spares her for the moment. This complication in the plan means that Taylor will potentially be in on the Pod Squad’s secret in the very near future (and will hopefully lay off Max!).

Echo Returns

John Golden Britt/The CW

It finally happened, Echo fans! After a lot of difficulties and some real beating around the bush, Liz made a rather passionate love declaration to Max. Turns out Max Evans isn’t the only one who can make an excellent and moving speech. Naturally, the moment was interrupted before they could kiss but it’s definitely safe to say that (assuming everyone lives), we can expect another Max and Liz relationship attempt once Jones is defeated.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, new images, and synopsis as they drop every week!

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