‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 “Desperate Times”

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In true 9-1-1 fashion, episode 2 of season 5 kicks off with quite the explosion as the blackout continues to wreak havoc on the city. Let’s breakdown the major events in “Desperate Times.”

The Hunt for Jeffrey Hudson

Jack Zeman /FOX

Detective Ransone ends up in the hospital for five days thanks to Lila’s attempted murder and ‘rescue’ of Jeffrey Hudson. When he wakes enough to write, he asks for Athena, who confirms Hudson is on at large. For five days, he’s been free, and they waste no time starting the manhunt. At Lila’s house, they find her dead body but no Hudson. Athena is inside his mind enough to know that he won’t flee the city.

“A city plunged into utter darkness is the kind of place he’d like to be.”

Athena makes the call to keep watch on the victim’s homes but not inform them about Hudson’s escape. When she visits Ransone again, he reminds her that she was also a victim. Someone should be stationed at her home as well. Michael has opened the house to the neighbors (since they have power), and it’s revealed Hudson is there playing a game with Harry.

Athena races home to find the house dark and Michael and David cleaning up. As the power kicks on, they realize Harry isn’t there. Hudson kidnapped Harry and is using Ransone’s badge to bypass security checkpoints.

Chimney Confides in Hen

Understandably Chimney tries to check in with Maddie throughout the blackout, and the stress ultimately leads him to confide in Hen about her postpartum depression. Hen reminds him that Maddie needs him to be her partner, not her doctor, and to focus on loving and supporting her. Meanwhile, at home, Maddie bathes Jee-Yun and nearly falls asleep beside the tub. Jee actually slips beneath the water for a few seconds before Maddie jerks awake. She rips Jee out of the tub and sobs as she holds her apologizing repeatedly. Maddie rushes her to the doctor, but Jee is perfectly healthy (thankfully). It’s clear Maddie feels immense guilt over what happened, and I’m sure this will only add to her ongoing struggle with her depression.

Eddie Faces the Truth About Ana

Jack Zeman /FOX

With Buck’s help, Eddie verbalizes the true cause of his panic attack. He’s not ready for how fast his relationship with Ana is progressing. From the misunderstanding of Ana as Chris’ mother to one this episode of the new probie thinking she is Eddie’s wife, Eddie feels like they are rushing faster than he’s ready for. However, Buck asks him what he plans to do. Eddie’s answer? He plans to stick it out. Not exactly a romantic declaration there, Eddie. Buck tells him that you can’t simply “stick it out” in a relationship. He cites his own history of being “the Ana” in a relationship where he knew the other person wasn’t all in and tells Eddie it’s painful and cruel. If Eddie isn’t in love with Ana (even though Chris loves her), he needs to talk to Ana about it. Eddie doesn’t act on the advice, but it’s obvious Buck’s words stick with him.

The Blackout Continues

Jack Zeman /FOX

As the blackout continues in LA, the 118 get up to some hilarious antics and crazy calls as usual. The episode opens with a dramatic rescue of two paramedics trapped in a helicopter on top of a hospital. Everyone, including the heart they were transporting, is saved!

While at the station, someone decides to give Buck a clipboard again (didn’t they learn the first time?), and he’s in charge of the portable phone charger units. Chimney has to threaten him just to get one, “Give me a charger, or Uncle Buck will never see his niece again.” Unsurprisingly, Buck relents.

We also see the culmination of the zoo call! The 118 arrive at the LA Zoo to treat an animal attack where Buck is put on “animal control,” which he, of course, takes seriously. Inside the store, Bobby and Hen find the victim of a vicious alpaca attack. Hen lures it away with chips as Bobby drags the man to safety. I can honestly say I had no idea alpaca were that vicious. The scene is gloriously reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

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