‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Hope You Feel Better”

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This week’s episode of Mr. Corman thrusts viewers into the present. Read on to find out what happens in Mr. Corman episode 8, “Hope You Feel Better.”

A new reality

As the world shifts because of the pandemic, Josh is now working exclusively from home and is taking the necessary precautions to make sure nobody gets sick in his own home.

Things take a turn when Victor and Josh get in a heated argument about their opposing views on the part they should be playing to eradicate the pandemic. While Josh is living his nightmare, Victor can’t afford to miss a day at work and he thinks at worst he’ll “get sick and then get better.”

While most forms of media are steering away from including talk of Covid-19 into their projects, Mr. Corman embraces it, giving the reality of the situation a worldly view and portraying it in a real sense as it’s been played out over the past two years.

Music heals the soul

While the world is changing around Josh, there’s one thing that remains consistent; his undying love for music. Listening to old records, playing it, it doesn’t matter — it’s the one remaining constant that he will always be able to go back to and love it just the same.

It’s time to do your part

Josh and his mom have a candid conversation about the state of the world. His mom thinks he views everything in a negative light, that everything has taken a turn for the worst. Once she realizes that may be the case, she asks the question on everyone’s mind: what do we do now?

Josh gets an incoming text from Victor who lets him know he’s gotten tested (it was negative) and he’s been wearing a mask. As Josh returns home, he sees people outside with masks on and it’s clear to him that there are people also doing the best that they can.

New episodes of Mr. Corman premiere Friday’s on Apple TV+.

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