‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Many Worlds”

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many worlds
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This week’s episode of Mr. Corman is a mind-bender from start to finish. Read our recap to find out what happens in episode 7, “Many Worlds.”

Surrealism and reality

many worlds
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This episode really dances on surrealism while still maintaining a sense of deepness. Starting out with Megan and Josh playing a show together, I’ll be honest, I thought they put their differences aside and decided to start performing together again. That’s not the case, however, and soon we see Josh perusing through different worlds. Josh moves through a cubicle, shopping with a pregnant significant other, helping a family seek asylum, and dinner with a group of businessmen.

Through every scenario, Josh almost always finds a way to ruin it for himself, even in this reality. They imagine Josh in different lives and what his own would have been like had he made different choices for himself.

Josh’s funeral

many worlds
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Instead of Dax dying on that fateful night, we see everyone has gathered for Josh’s funeral. Victor, Megan, his mom, and sister have all gathered for a toast to Josh. As they begin to discuss Josh, they realize that he meant well and always looked out for others in his own twisted, sour way.

New episodes of Mr. Corman air Fridays on Apple TV+. Need a refresher of the season? See our previous recaps!

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