‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 16 “The British Are Coming”

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The newest addition to the family dynasty has arrived and Blake is full steam ahead on running for senator. What will happen with Fallon’s company? Read on for more of what happened in this week’s episode of Dynasty, “The British Are Coming.”

Senator Blake Carrington?

When Blake wants something there’s nothing that can stop him. This instance is no different, as he practices his speech to announce he’s running for the Georgia Senate.

Fallon would rather be elsewhere dealing with her company, which is currently not thriving. She’s cut a deal with the Home Shopping Today (HST) network which isn’t taking any market share at the moment. They’re apparently signing new talent. Dominique interjects by stating that it’s her and the whole family is shocked.

Meanwhile, Blake has fired his old campaign manager who he has deemed unfit on day two. Scrambling to come up with a solution, he asks Cristal to be his new campaign manager. She has reservations at first but says yes in support of Blake.

Fallon’s Big Plan

In order for Fallon to beat out her competition, she needs someone on her side. She’s devised a plan to make sure that Dominique doesn’t close on the deal with HST so that she will have nowhere else to go except Fallon. Phase one was to get Nene Leakes to use Fallon as leverage so HST could see there was interest elsewhere for her brand. It went off without a hitch, so now they just have to play the waiting game.

When Dominique pays a visit to Fallon, she knows exactly what happened. Fallon offers her a spot at her shopping network but Dominique is already set to close a deal with a major fashion retailer in the next 48 hours.

Adam Extends an Olive Branch to Alexis

elaine hendrix and sam underwood in dynasty the british are coming
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Adam is still upset about Alexis’ hand in splitting him and Kirby up and putting her through what she did with Oliver. Alexis, as a last-ditch effort, meets him at the hospital to give him a Morell family heirloom. She was planning on putting it in her will for him but she felt as though she was dead to him anyhow.

Later, Adam visits Alexis at her new home and lets her know he couldn’t bear her dying and not having resolved their issues. So, he invites her out for a meal with him. It’s a start, right?

Amanda’s Reveal

Amanda has spent time trailing Alexis and watching her interact with both of her children. Finally, she walks into Alexis’ place to face her. Alexis puts on her act about them being cousins and she apologizes for her mother’s death. Amanda doesn’t want to hear any of it however and knows the real truth — that Alexis is her real mom.

They sit down for tea and Amanda voices her confusion about the entire situation and how it hurt her that everyone has been lying to her the entire time. When her mother died, she found her birth certificate and adoption papers naming Alexis and Gabe as her real parents. Their chat is cut short when Adam pays a visit to Alexis who lies by saying Amanda is his cousin.

Alexis is dodging all of Adam’s questions so that Amanda can’t answer them. As he gets ready to leave he invites them to Blake’s conference. Alexis interjects by saying they’ll be there and when he’s gone, she tells Amanda they can’t go. If she knew anything about the family she would be thanking Alexis. Amanda promises she’s not leaving Atlanta until she can meet her siblings as their sister and not their cousin.

Fallon’s Lucky Suit

After everything, Fallon was able to get Dominique at FSN only after ripping her suit. Dominique helped her stitch it back together and even suggested they announce their new partnership at Blake’s press conference with all the media there, Fallon believes the night should be all about him.

Blake’s Big Announcement

What was supposed to be Blake’s moment turned into family drama … again. But what would the Carrington family be without at least a little drama? Alexis sees Adam, Fallon, and Amanda talking and immediately assumes the worst. She wants to be the one to tell them, so she walks over and does just that. The only problem? Amanda didn’t tell them the truth, and Alexis has yet again put herself on testy waters with her children. Blake is just as confused and has to cut his speech short.

Sam’s Waiting on a Sign

rafael de la fuente and robert christopher riley in dynasty the british are coming
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Sam’s mind is occupied by what happened to Leo. Culhane is trying to move on by throwing himself headfirst into work, even getting them a potential sponsorship deal with a vodka company when they reopen. Sam can’t do that, though. He tells Culhane his grandma would take whoever was hurting into nature and they’d wait for a sign from the elements to show them how to move forward. He takes himself to the woods and Culhane tags along.

When they get there Culhane is beginning to put a damper on things so Sam can’t focus, even feeling like their partnership was doomed. As Culhane is visited by Anders, he finally realizes that he needs to make peace with the Leo situation. He meets with Sam and apologizes for pushing Sam to get over the situation when he’s not even over it. Sam feels like his sign came from Culhane himself by coming back to him and saying sorry. They don’t know if they’ll have full closure, but it will be easier to turn the page together.

Dynasty airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes are available to watch the next day on cwtv.com and The CW app.

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