New ‘Iron Gwazi’ Hybrid Coaster Coming Soon to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The new Iron Gwazi hybrid coaster will be opening in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in March 2022.

The new coaster was announced back in 2019 but was unfortunately delayed to the global pandemic. However, this coaster is sure to be worth the wait!

The ride features a 206-foot-tall peak with a 91-degree drop. The coaster will speed along 4,075 feet of steel track at top speeds of 76 miles per hour and includes a dozen airtime moments and three inversions! It will have a 48″ height requirement to ride. For an idea of what you may experience, check out the video below!

Iron Gwazi will be the 10th coaster to join Busch Gardens, which is quickly becoming the theme park for thrill-seekers. Especially as Iron Gwazi will be record-breaking! It will be North America’s tallest hybrid coaster and the world’s fastest and steepest hybrid coaster.

We can’t wait to check it out! For more information or to get your tickets now, make sure you check out the Busch Gardens website!

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