PLEXXAGLASS’s New Single ‘Tall’ Out Now!

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Ethereal pop artist PLEXXAGLASS has done it again! Their new single, titled “Tall,” is officially out and available to stream.

Following the release of their single “DYD” in June, “Tall” stands to become one of PLEXXAGLASS’s most significant songs to date. Tearing back the curtain, PLEXXAGLASS has created the perfect conduit in which to share their story in ways that are ultimately revealing and genuine. “Tall” explores the darker emotions associated with the cycles of survival and trauma we often get trapped in. However, they also offer hope through the realization that despite all they’ve gone through they are still here standing tall.

Commenting on the song, PLEXXAGLASS shared:

“This is the big one. It’s really terrifying to release this song. This is my entire soul. I’m giving it to you, to us. This is a representation of my trauma. The hope is that we find some healing in this song. Some peace. And remember our strength. Thank you for being here to receive it.”

PLEXXAGLASS (Alexxa Joan Rae) is an up-and-coming non-binary creator. Intense and haunting, their music has been compared to the likes of Florence + The Machine and Bishop Briggs, while remaining unique in ways only known to them. Based in Los Angeles, CA, PLEXXAGLASS does not like to limit themselves to clearly defined musical genres. Playing with the intricacies inherent to the creation of music, they have released multiple singles, their latest being “DYD” earlier this year. PLEXXAGLASS has also collaborated with multiple other artists, including Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park/Fort Minor) who produced another one of their singles, “Lilith,” live on Twitch. More information about the production of “Lilith” can be found here.

Make sure to check out PLEXXAGLASS’s new single “Tall” below, as well as “DYD” and “Lilith,” which are available to stream everywhere!

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