YA Graphic Novel ‘Squad’ Will Be Adapted for Television

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Months before its release, graphic novel Squad will be adapted into a television series! The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that Picturestart and Lionsgate TV are behind the new series. Maggie Tokuda-Hall wrote the YA horror novel illustrated by Lisa Sterle, which promises a Jennifer’s Body-esque story of supernatural hijinks and high school drama.

“When Becca transfers to a high school in an elite San Francisco suburb, she’s worried she’s not going to fit in. To her surprise, she’s immediately adopted by the most popular girls in school. At first glance, Marley, Arianna, and Mandy are perfect. But at a party under a full moon, Becca learns that they also have a big secret.

Becca’s new friends are werewolves. Their prey? Slimy boys who take advantage of unsuspecting girls. Eager to be accepted, Becca allows her friends to turn her into a werewolf, and finally, for the first time in her life, she feels like she truly belongs.

But things get complicated when Arianna’s predatory boyfriend is killed, and the cops begin searching for a serial killer. As their pack begins to buckle under the pressure—and their moral high ground gets muddier and muddier—Becca realizes that she might have feelings for one of her new best friends.

Squad hits shelves on October 5, 2021. You can find where to pre-order the book on Tokuda-Hall’s website. There is no word yet on a potential network or streaming service for the series, but stay tuned for more news as we get it!

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