Saturday, March 25, 2023

LISTEN: Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Jerry Trainor, and Doug Benson on ‘Will You Accept This Rose?’

PODCASTSLISTEN: Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Jerry Trainor, and Doug Benson on 'Will...

On this week’s episode of Will You Accept This Rose?, host Arden Myrin discusses The Bachelorette‘s finale with her guests Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Doug Benson, and Jerry Trainor:

Paget Brewster, Rob Benedict, Jerry Trainor and Doug Benson join Arden to discuss the finale of The Bachelorette and it gets feisty!!! BENNIFER IS HOT!!! REVENGE PROPOSALS! KOHL’S WARDROBE!

-Arden NEEDS to go burn some things at Zozobra!!!

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-Paget understands acting out at someone you want to marry!

-Jerry is not into THIS BANK MANAGER!

-Rob is prepping to host the Bachelor!

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All that plus……..TWEET OF THE WEEK!”

Rob Benedict was recently on season 5 of Lucifer as Vincent Le Mec and is the co-host of Kings of Con: The Podcast. Doug Benson is the host of the Doug Loves Movies podcast. Jerry Trainor is currently on the Paramount+ reboot of iCarly, and Paget Bewster recently voiced Judy Ken Sebben on Birdgirl.

The episode was announced on Twitter:

Will You Accept This Rose? is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to be notified each time a new episode is released.
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