Saturday, March 25, 2023

Alex McMillan Releases New Razor Red Noise Album ‘Paranoia’!

MUSICAlex McMillan Releases New Razor Red Noise Album ‘Paranoia’!

UK musician Alex McMillan has officially released a new Razor Red Noise album, titled Paranoia.  

In late July, McMillan announced he would be dropping a new album, giving a release date of Tuesday, August 10. Like his other original music, McMillan credited Paranoia as his latest Razor Red Noise album. A few days after this announcement, McMillan released a line of limited edition merchandise in anticipation of the album, most of which is already sold out. However, McMillan has stated that he is committed to producing CDs of the album in the future, so make sure to keep an eye out if you’re interested! He also hosted a live listening party for the album’s premiere on YouTube and shared the track list for Paranoia, including the names of all 12 songs on the album.

Alex McMillan is a singer, songwriter, and multi-talented musician who creates both cover songs and original music. While McMillan publishes his cover videos on a YouTube channel under his own name, he uses the moniker Razor Red Noise for his separate original music. Officially, Razor Red Noise is McMillan’s independent electronic rock project founded over a decade ago, in which he’s already crafted over a dozen albums, Paranoia being the most recent. McMillan also has another longtime project under the name In Viridian, which is dedicated solely to instrumental music and has similarly produced multiple albums. This year McMillan was also featured on Mike Shinoda’s (Linkin Park/Fort Minor) Twitch channel, where Shinoda produced an original demo of McMillan’s, titled “Bones”, the final product of which is currently available to stream. More information about the production process can be found here.

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Listen to Alex McMillan’s latest Razor Red Noise album Paranoia below! And make sure to check out the rest of his original music, both under Razor Red Noise and In Viridian, as well as his cover songs!

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