Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Disappearing Act’ From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Star Robert Sheehan Available for Pre-Order

BOOKS'Disappearing Act' From 'The Umbrella Academy' Star Robert Sheehan Available for Pre-Order

Robert Sheehan, best known for his roles on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy and BBC’s Misfits, is releasing a book!

Disappearing Act, a collection of 16 short stories with each following a new character, will release on October 22.

The synopsis reads:

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In his debut collection of short stories, Sheehan disappears into characters, challenging the complacencies of everyday experience, often from entirely unexpected angles. Informed by the author’s peripatetic life, Disappearing Act reflects on the absurdity of human behaviour. Sheehan delves deep into his characters’ streams of self-talk and self-imposed delusions, and explores the dark impulses that lurk below the shiny surfaces of many outwardly normal lives.

Patrick McCabe describes Disappearing Act as “A whacked-out, kaleidoscopic miasma of delightful abandon and fun.”

Sheehan, a renowned actor, has teased the book in interviews for some time. Along with acting and now writing, Sheehan also hosts the podcast The Earth Locker. Alongside fellow Umbrella Academy star Tom Hopper and friend Byron Knight, the three hosts invite a myriad of interesting guests to share their unique perspectives. The podcast is on a hiatus for Umbrella Academy season 3 filming. However, it is expected to return with new episodes once filming ends.

You can pre-order the novel here (EUR) or here (USD).

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