Thursday, March 23, 2023

Paradox House Re-Releases ‘The Bigger Picture’ Starring Robert Sheehan

MOVIESParadox House Re-Releases 'The Bigger Picture' Starring Robert Sheehan

Maybe 2020 isn’t so bad …

Originally released in 2016, a short film called The Bigger Picture debuted, and today it was re-released for the world to see again. Co-directed by Paradox House’s Head of Film Merlin Merton and the writer Greer Ellison, it stars Robert Sheehan and Rosie Day as a young couple coming to a tumultuous moment in their relationship. For anyone who’s experienced love and loss, there’s a ubiquitous familiarity as they navigate the emotions, expectations, and regrets over events that have ensued. Relationships are particularly challenging waters to navigate, and The Bigger Picture gives a sneaking glance into a moment where emotions ran high, and things were said that maybe should have remained a thought.

The performances from both actors are strikingly imposing, leading you into their muddled relationship with high emotions and nuanced performances. Shot in one take, they give a powerful interpretation of two people heading into a crossroads that they’ve regrettably reached.

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You can view The Bigger Picture below or on Paradox House’s official YouTube page.

After, check out the Instagram Live conversation with star Robert Sheehan and co-director/writer Greer Ellison for the details on how this project came to be and the profound messages behind these 10 minutes of film.


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