‘Ted Lasso’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “Lavender”

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Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis and Nick Mohammed in Ted Lasso
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In last week’s episode of Ted Lasso, Dani Rojas landed a kick that had disastrous consequences, Roy and Keeley joined Rebecca on a double date with her new (short-lived) beau, and we met the team’s new sports psychologist — Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. Keep reading to find out what happened this week in episode 2, “Lavender.”

We open on the set of a reality show, Lust Conquers All. Now what in the world does this have to do with football? Ah, yes … it’s Jamie Tartt’s latest venture. Well, it was, until he was eliminated. We switch to a talk show that’s discussing Jamie’s loss and the embarrassing fact that he seemingly won’t be welcome to return to Manchester City’s team. Somber piano music plays in the background as Jamie leaves the building, signing some autographs and taking selfies along the way.

Nate continues to give Will a hard time as he scolds him for using lavender-scented laundry soap on the team’s towels. Roy drops Keeley off, and he peels out before Ted can come and talk to him. Sharon arrives, and Ted is surprised when Keeley informs him that Higgins hired her for the rest of the season.

Jamie learns that not only is he not welcome back at Manchester City, but no other teams want him either. His new talent agent comes in and tells him that she has an offer for him for a new reality show in Ibiza.

Jason Sudeikis and Sarah Niles in Ted Lasso
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Ted cheerily barges into Sharon’s office, much to her dismay, and gives her a box of his trademark biscuits. They did win Rebecca over after all, didn’t they? But clearly the psychologist won’t be quite as easy, because she doesn’t eat sugar. And she doesn’t seem at all charmed by Ted’s jokes (gasp). She tells Ted that she’d like observe training today as she gives the biscuits back to him and excuses him from her office.

As Higgins scoops up his temporary office-in-a-box and makes his way out of Rebecca’s office, he and Ted have a pun-tastic Led Zeppelin exchange a la Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Rebecca happily enjoys the unwanted biscuits.

Keeley runs into Jamie at a coffee shop, who isn’t stalking her but has definitely been following her for a few blocks. Or maybe her entire lunch hour. He begins to babble on about his current life woes, but Keeley gets stuck on the fact that he deleted her number.

Roy grumpily hands out consolation trophies to his football team of 8-year-old girls in an endearingly, unapologetic Roy Kent manner, and then he heads home for the day. Belatedly realizing that Keeley isn’t downstairs, Roy heads upstairs to find her and enters their room to see that she’s a bit “busy.” Amused and intrigued, he watches her for a moment before asking what she’s doing, which causes Keeley to throw her phone across the room.

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Roy smiles, picking it up, and he asks her to show him what she was watching. Keeley is hesitant at first, but she eventually hands him her phone … which is currently playing the video of Roy crying while announcing the end of his football career to the press. Roy is baffled to learn that’s what “gets” Keeley “going.” It’s not pathetic, Roy, it’s passionate and vulnerable! Roy then finally agrees to try out the job with Sky Sports, but he’s not happy about it.

Ted is sitting at the bar eating dinner when he’s approached by Jamie, who asks him about his chances of returning to AFC Richmond. Jamie admits that he went on the reality show to make his dad mad. Ted tells Jamie that although he’s an amazing player, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to return.

Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Nick Mohammed in Ted Lasso
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The next day, the team sees a picture of Ted and Jamie sitting at the bar together, and they assume it means that Jamie is coming back. They’re not impressed. Sharon sits in the stands watching as the team practices, which is unnerving for Ted. Upset at the thought of Jamie returning, Sam takes out his anger on Ted and storms off the pitch. The two clear things up inside as Ted explains that he told Jamie it’s not happening. Meanwhile, Higgins has moved his office to the gym.

Thoughts and prayers for the makeup artist tasked with getting Roy ready for his first day on Sky Sports. Keeley gives him a quick pep talk on the phone before he heads out in his fancy black suit, looking stoic and intimidating as ever. As the show begins, his fellow co-hosts attempt to pull him into the conversation, which leads to a typical expletive-filled Roy Kent rant. While his co-hosts are apologetic over Roy’s language on live television, the internet seems to be loving him.

Ted shares some news with his fellow coaches: his conversation with Sam made him reevaluate his decision on bringing Jamie back. If “never give up” applies to the game, shouldn’t it also apply to its people? The Diamond Dogs are split on the matter, because Jamie’s a great player but a terrible person.

Roy comes home, and Keeley tells him how much everyone loved him. He tells her that it felt good to be back around the game after all. And because she helped him, he wants to thank her properly. He tells her to hit play on the video he queued up on her phone, the one of him crying, and the two proceed to have some fun.

Ted catches Sharon as she’s leaving for the day. She praises AFC Richmond’s atmosphere and employees. However, she also makes a comment about the team’s lack of wins. And thus this spurs Ted’s huge decision that’s revealed the next day at practice: Jamie Tartt is back.

The next episode of Ted Lasso will premiere exclusively on Apple TV+ next Friday, August 6. Stay up-to-date with all of our Ted Lasso recaps here.

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