Friday, June 24, 2022

Studio 71 Collaborating With TikTok Star CelinaSpookyBoo To Relaunch Her Horror Podcast!

If you haven’t seen the comedic genius that is CelinaSpookyBoo on TikTok, you’re really missing out! The sleepwalking, corny jokes, and more have made her a viral sensation on the video-making social media app, and soon fans will be getting more Celina as Studio 71 is teaming up with Celina to relaunch her horror podcast entitled, The Haunted Estate!

She’ll be bringing fun guests, stories, and more with a weekly release on Thursdays, starting July 15! If you’re interested in being on The Haunted Estate, click here! You can subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and watch the video version on YouTube!

Make sure to check CelinaSpookyBoo/Celina Myers on The Haunted Estate every Thursday!

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