Review: Host Your Friends for a Deliciously Good Time With ‘As You ‘Wich’

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It’s time to put your sandwich making skills to the test. Can you build the greatest (or grossest) sandwich of them all and win over your friends’ hearts and stomachs? It’s high time to find out which among your tight knit sandwich artist friends shall be crowned ruler of the deli in the new card game from Studio71, As You ‘Wich.

Currently available for preorder on Kickstarter, get the deck to start the competition of your life. The game features 300 cards and is designed for 3-8 players aged 10 and up. There are 53 breads, 47 condiments, 37 dairy, 54 protein, 54 vegetables, 12 gross, 20 preparation, 10 wild, and 15 action cards in the deck.

Game play is simple! Set up the shops and compost piles, and shop for ingredients until you have the perfect five ingredients for the most delicious hoagie Philly has ever seen. When your sandwich is ready (or close), close a shop by placing a card face down on that pile. Once the third shop is closed, that player presents their creation first — but it doesn’t end there. Name your delectable concoction, give it a back story, really sell it, because to win the game your sandwich has to be bought by the most players. Once the shops are closed, each player will speak on their sandwich, convincing the other players of why their sub is the clearly the best, and once everyone has made their case it’s time to vote (and you cannot vote for your own).

As You ‘Wich is the perfect boredom buster game. Take your mind off of politics, viruses, and the mundane for a little while and create some wacky ‘wiches with your friends. It’s like Cards Against Humanity, but with a healthy dose of humanity and a lot of yummy foods (might I suggest a charcuterie board to accompany this game night? Perhaps a nacho bar?). The retro feel of the images on the cards will transport you to a your favorite downtown deli in no time and maybe you can pitch your creation to them after you’re done.

The creators nailed it with this one in creating a game that will bring people together for nothing more than a great time: “Over the past 10 years of developing this game, we’ve been amazed to see how different people, from all backgrounds come together around food, and especially around the classic culinary staple, sandwiches,” said As You ‘Wich creators Janelle Jones and Sanji Moore. “Creating a game with Studio71 that has a sense of humor and gives players a competitive, creative and funny way to connect and share their excitement about sandwiches has been an amazing experience. This game has been at the center of so many happy memories for us, we’re thrilled to spread that joy to others and see what they cook up.”

As You ‘Wich is available through Kickstarter until Friday, October 2, so don’t miss your chance to cook up some new delicious combos and have a great time doing it.

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